Terry Pratchett



Nisam procitao ni jednu od navedenih ali su mi u planu kao i sve ostale Prachetove knjige.

Da...."Jednakost rituala" definitivno nije u rangu ostalih njegovih knjiga koje sam do sada procitao.
Jednostavno..to nije to....
Pazario sam i "MORT" pa kad procitam javicu utiske.


Imam većinu Pračetovih e knjiga, pa kome treba neka se javi, mada mogu i da se skinu sa IRC, kanal #bookz, engleski, šta da radim kada se ovi iz Lagune kilave. Nemam Thud pa kao neko ima (de si diretore!)naka podeli blago.

Majesty Of The Nightsky

Zainteresovan član
"Mort" mi je omiljena knjiga...

Inace, Pracet je genije. Navikla sam da ignorisem komentare u kojima se prica da je to laka literatura i tako to... :roll:
On je stvarno umetnik pripovedanja i mastanja....au, kakve je stvari on izmislio...i car je sto se humora tice !!


I postavi Gospod andjela sa plamenim macem da cuva istocnu kapiju za ulaz u rajski vrt... i ovaj idjase tamo i amo vitlajuci plamenim macem...
i upita ga Gospod : " Gde ti je plameni mac sto ti ga dadoh da njima branis istocnu kapiju rajskog vrta?" a ovaj mu odgovori : " Ne znam, Gospode... Tu je bio malopre... mora da sam ga negde izgubio... jednom cu i glavu izgubiti..."
a Gospod ga vise ne pitase...:lol:

..."The Good Omens" ("obrisani" deo iz jedne od "redigovanih" Bibilja)
(zbog ovog dela pomenute knjige sam se ja toliko zasmejao, da sam : skoro pao sa kreveta, prevrnuo pepeljaru, oborio punu solju kafe na tepih koji je naravno pre toga progoreo zbog upaljene cigarete koja iz pepeljare pala na njega. Svejedno, nastavio sam da citam i isecak iz "Izes ti ovo Biblije" ne osvrcuci se preterano na maopredjasnji dogadjaj...) :lol:

Thery Prachet je vrhunski knjizevni talenat.
Procitao sam vecinu njegovih knjiga. Nameravam i ostale.


Sheep s Eyes

Everyone knows they eat sheep's eyes in Klatch, but no one reports actually seeing them doin' it.* I call this suspicious. Oh, yes, they offer them to guests. I bet if I lived in a desert I'd do anything for a laugh, too. This recipe is, er, restored. That is, it's a complete fake. But it's a lot more edible.
eyeball-sized pickled onions (as many as you wish to make)
stuffed green olives tube of cream cheese
CAREFULLY REMOVE THE inside of each onion, taking care to leave the outer skins intact except for a hole at either end. (Note: one of the holes must be big enough to have an olive pushed through it.) Half fill the skin with cream cheese and then insert an olive, making sure that the stuffing is visible . . . some of the cheese should squirt out of the other end, making a 'tail'. If it doesn't, squirt in more until it does!

Rmcemnd's Potato Cakes

Note from the editors: We confess to some difficulty in getting a recipe out of Rincewind, one of Unseen University's best-known wizards. It involved a considerable amount of travel, much of it at high speed, since Rincewind's major talent is to run away from anything that is frightening and this, when you come to think of it, is a pretty good definition of the universe.
The original suggestion, shouted over his shoulder, was 'Potatoes! Lots of potatoes! In their jackets! In great big baths of butter!'
This seemed to us to be too close to the Librarian's recipe (see page 80), although it uses a vegetable rather than a fruit (except that the potato is technically a nut). However, we understand that Rincewind has been so long away from the one thing that makes life worthwhile (potatoes) that he will eat anything if it has a potato in it.

1 onion, chopped
35 Og potatoes, cooked and mashed
1 teaspoon sage
1 or 2 eggs, beaten
lOOg white breadcrumbs, dried
sunflower oil

Fry the onion in a little oil until softened. Stir into the mashed potato with the sage and allow the mixture to cool. Then form the mixture into patties, about the size and shape of small, thick beefburgers. Brush the patties with the beaten egg and then turn them in a bowl containing the breadcrumbs. Heat some more oil in a frying pan and fry the potato cakes until they are golden brown. They are quite delicious and can be eaten on the run.

Bread and Water
(Kindly donated by Lord Vetinari, Patrician of Ankh-Morpork)

3 whole, freshly baked loaves 1 flagon freshly drawn water

HOWEVER EFFICIENT A ruler may be, there is always someone, isn't there, who feels that his diet might be improved by some artificial additive, such as arsenic. Many rulers have sought ways to avoid this. This is one classical method: Have sufficient dough made to make three loaves of bread. Bake the resulting loaves in an oven. Both these operations should be supervised by at least two reliable employees.
Select one of the three loaves (the other two must be eaten by the baker). Slice it. Select slices at random and have these tested in your presence by members of the Palace staff (or members of your family if you are not fortunate enough to live in a palace). From the remaining slices select one; place this on a plate selected at random from the kitchens. Have the remaining plates licked by the kitchen staff; pause to observe any negative reactions to this operation, or to the earlier slice-testing.
In the meantime, have a bucket of water drawn from the well. Have this boiled, poured into a flagon and cooled. From this flagon pour four glasses of water. Select three at random and have them drunk by different members of the Palace staff from those who are testing the bread/plates.
You might now believe that you have a glass of water and some slices of bread that are free of poison, in which case you have failed to grasp the situation. There are such things as antidotes, which even a trainee poisoner will have taken as a precautionary measure. And then of course there was the case of Lord Samphire: the bread passed the test, and so did the water. The problem came to light only if you ate the bread and then drank the water.
Here is my preferred method, which has stood me in good stead.
1 Arrange the politics of the country over a period of years so that poisoning you will be more trouble than it is worth and interfere with the private ambitions of too many people just at the moment.
2 Make sure that there are among the city's civil service some unpredictable men who will consider your poisoning a personal insult against them, and generally cause a lot of fuss.
3 Then eat what you please.

Mrs Gogol's Clairvoyant Gumbo

Gumbo is one of those dishes, like stew, where it's ridiculous to have a recipe. You just make it. And you can prob'ly make gumbo of a sort by simply dredging a swamp and boilin' up everything that tries to climb out of the net. But it won't be anything like Mrs Gogol's gumbo. Mrs Gogol* is a witch over in the swamps around Genua, where the magic's more into stickin' pins in people and turnin' people into zombies, and there's prob'ly some magic in the cookery, too.
Mrs Gogol says she can see the future in her gumbo. You need the knack. But the future you'll see in this one contains a good dinner at least.

3 tablespoons olive oil 3 heaped tablespoons flour (for the roux) 2 large (or 3 small) celery stalks, trimmed and finely chopped I small green pepper, seeded and chopped
1 small red onion, chopped 2—3 heaped tablespoons Genuan
spice mix (see page 53) 470ml fish stock (or chicken, or veg) 400g tin chopped tomatoes 10—12 pieces okra, chopped
1 tablespoon dried basil
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 tablespoon dned parsley
8—10 drops hot pepper sauce
I2 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
100ml bourbon (or whisky mil do) meat from 1 large prepared crab (or 4 small whole ones) 600g ready-peeled prawns (or 65 Og in shells)

HEAT THE OIL in a saucepan and stir in the flour. Cook for about 5 minutes (medium heat), stirring, until it turns golden brown. Add the celery, pepper and onion and fry until softened. Add the Genuan spice mix and stir for another minute. Pour in the stock, stir well to ensure there are no lumps and then add the remaining ingredients except the crab and prawns. Leave to simmer, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes. Add the crab meat and prawns, turn the heat up and bring to boiling point, then turn back down to medium and cook for a further 8-10 minutes (10-15 minutes if using crabs/prawns in shells). Serve with rice.

Note: The Genuan spice mix and hot pepper sauce will make a hot gumbo. Use less if you're not used to spicy food.

Neki recepati iz NANNY OGG'S COOKBOOK

Majesty Of The Nightsky

Zainteresovan član
Da...."Jednakost rituala" definitivno nije u rangu ostalih njegovih knjiga koje sam do sada procitao.
Jednostavno..to nije to....
Mislim da je ova knjiga samo malo drugacija. Ne znaci da je losa. Iskreno meni su Rinsvid & Prtljag avanture najbolje, ali i ostale price imaju svoju poentu.
"Jednakost Rituala" nosi jednu veoma mastovitu pricu i izuzetno zanimljive likove. Eskarina stvarno nosi fine osobine male neizivljene devojcice, dok je Baka Vedervaks lik!!
Dobra knjiga sve u svemu. Kao i sve Pracetove knjige uopste (;


Ja sam procitala fausta i danas sam zavrsila vestice na putu....svidja mi se....posebno neke metafore koje su u najmanju ruku..wow!
ja kad se zalepim za nekog pisca moram da procitam sve njegove knjige...jel ima neko spisak svih njegovih knjiga...? pa da krenem polako....


Zainteresovan član
Ja trenutno citam "Straza, straza", ali mi je najbolji serijal o carobnjacima definitivno!
Prtljag je neprevazidjen (mislim da sam to rekla jedno 100 puta). :D
A Gaspod o kome svi pricaju mi nije nista specijalno. :)


Zainteresovan član
Zadnje sam procitala "Mali bogovi", mada mi se svidja i serijal o vesticama. Svidja mi se njegov humor, odmori me i zabavi. I uvek mu se vracam nakon izvesnog vremena - ako nemam sta novo citam vec procitano.



Primećen član
Obozavam coveka,
nekada sam citala samo #ozbiljne# pisce Igoa, Andrica,Crnjanskog itd.i nisam prihvatala kompromise kao jadni W DOG,
ali mi je bivsi otvorio oci,
umirala sam od smeha citajuci prve tri koje su izasle, mislim da mi je omiljena Svetlost cudesnog, Boja magije, Piramide i Straza straza
ma volim ih sve
pogotovo Rinsvida i Smrt, mislim da mi je Smrt omiljeni lik!
Stvarno treba imati dobru inteligenciju da bi razumeo sve aluzije,
ali mi se ponekad cini da se ponavlja u opisima,
pogotovo svetlosti, ona se uvek razliva kao neka zuta tecnost...
Ne volim kad naletim na iste recenice koje sam vec videla, onda su isprazne fraze i nije zanimljivo.


Veoma poznat
Stvarno treba imati dobru inteligenciju da bi razumeo sve aluzije,
ali mi se ponekad cini da se ponavlja u opisima,
pogotovo svetlosti, ona se uvek razliva kao neka zuta tecnost...
Ne volim kad naletim na iste recenice koje sam vec videla, onda su isprazne fraze i nije zanimljivo.
Cini mi se da on "ponovnim opisima" takodje pokusava da odrzi kontinuitet u opisivanju ovog ne tako "iluzornog" svijeta.


Ako vam se svidja Terijev stil, uvrnuta fantastika sa dozom mitologije, probajte citati Nila Gejmena. Zajedno su pisali Dobra predskazanja.
Preporucio bih knjigu Americki bogovi.

Ako sam ponovio vec napisan predlog, oprosti te mi, veza mi je jako spora pa nemam vremena procitati sve postavljene poruke.


Primećen član
Terry je kralj. Prosto nisam mogao da verujem da covek ima toliko kreativnih ideja i shvatanja slicnim mojim, a tako je dobro isparodirao svaku pojavu modernog drustva, a nacin na koji shvata magiju-extra.
Inace uopste nije za decu, mada se moze procitati i kao interesantna bajka, to zavisi od sposobnosti citaoca


Veoma poznat
oboooožaaavaaam Pračeta :mrgreen:
trenutno čitam Piramide, odlično kao i uvek... za sada imam 11 knjiga o Disksvetu i one 3 o Noumima... genijalno, nema šta... ipak, Duševna Muzika mi je među omiljenima... više i ne brojim koliko sam je puta pročitala.
Među omiljenim likovima su mi Nana Og i Rinsvind.... I NARAVNO, SMRT...

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