Generalštab se daje besplatno*?!

Kušner hladno se hvali po svetu kako će dobiti BESPLATNO Generalštab Srbske Vojske!
prvo Generalštab ZAUVEK treba ostati u vlasništvu Srbske vojske
ali ovi još i POKLANJAJU?!

The draft outline of the agreement provided to The Times by a Serbian government official
also specifies the option of formally transferring ownership of the property to Mr. Kushner’s partnership free of charge,
after the hotel complex and luxury residential units are built.

Нацрт споразума који је Тајмсу доставио званичник српске владе такође прецизира
опцију формалног бесплатног преноса власништва над имовином на партнерство господина Кушнера, након изградње хотелског комплекса и луксузних стамбених јединица.

Kushner Deal in Serbia Follows Earlier Interest by Trump​

More than a decade ago, before running for president, Donald Trump expressed interest in developing the same site in Belgrade that his son-in-law now plans to invest $500 million in rebuilding.

Jared Kushner among a large group of people, some holding phones.

Among Jared Kushner’s projects in the Balkans are plans to build a luxury hotel and museum on the site of the bombed-out former headquarters of the Yugoslav Ministry of Defense in Belgrade.Credit...Saul Martinez for The New York Times

By Eric Lipton, Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Swan
Published March 17, 2024Updated March 19, 2024
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The plan by Jared Kushner and his business partners to redevelop a prized location in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, echoes interest from Donald J. Trump a decade ago in pursuing a deal for the site and a similar proposal pushed during his White House term by a top aide now working with Mr. Kushner, a review of the project shows.
The tentative agreement between the Kushner team and the Serbian government would grant Mr. Kushner’s investment firm a 99-year lease, at no charge, and the right to build a luxury hotel and apartment complex and a museum on the site of the former headquarters of the Yugoslav Ministry of Defense in Belgrade, which was bombed by NATO in 1999. A draft outline of the agreement was provided to The New York Times by a Serbian official.
In 2013, two years before he began running for president, Mr. Trump — Mr. Kushner’s father-in-law — told a top Serbian government official that he wanted to build a luxury hotel on the site. Associates of the Trump Organization traveled to Belgrade to inspect the location. The project did not come together before Mr. Trump’s election in 2016, and after being sworn in he vowed to not do any new foreign deals.
But developing the site would again draw interest from Mr. Trump’s circle.
Richard Grenell, whom Mr. Trump had appointed as a special envoy in the Balkans, pushed a related plan during the Trump administration that Serbia and the United States jointly work to rebuild the Defense Ministry site. He argued in favor of using American investments to transform the Belgrade site while he was still serving in his official capacity as an American diplomat in 2020, according to transcripts and a recording of remarks made during several government news conferences.

Mr. Kushner said in an interview on Sunday that he had never discussed the Belgrade project with Mr. Trump and was not aware of his father-in-law’s prior interest in redeveloping the site.
“I had no idea my father-in-law had been interested in that region, and I doubt he has any awareness of this deal we are working on,” Mr. Kushner said.
Representatives of Mr. Trump did not respond to multiple requests for comment about either Mr. Kushner’s current effort or Mr. Trump’s prior interest in the Belgrade development.
Mr. Grenell said he, too, had no knowledge of Mr. Trump’s interest in the site before his presidency. But he is now working with Mr. Kushner on the new development deal and, according to Mr. Kushner, was the main force in driving him to consider the Belgrade investment.
In his role as special envoy during the last two years of the Trump administration, Mr. Grenell helped foster economic reconciliation talks between Serbia and Kosovo, two neighboring nations that have had tense relations since the end of the Bosnian war in 1995.

The link between Mr. Grenell’s role in pushing for redevelopment of the Belgrade site while both in and out of government and Mr. Kushner’s tentative agreement now to carry out the proposal for personal profit raises fresh questions about conflicts of interest between their public roles and private wealth as Mr. Trump again seeks the presidency, with foreign governments watching closely.
Mr. Kushner confirmed on Friday that his investment firm was pursuing the deal in Serbia, as well as luxury real estate projects in Albania, and that he expected to finalize agreements soon.
The overlap between the official actions that Mr. Kushner and Mr. Grenell took while serving in government and the business deals they are pursuing in regions where they served carries echoes of deals struck by former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Mr. Kushner in the Middle East after leaving office.
Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Kushner, who both were active in Middle East diplomacy, each set up investment firms after leaving the Trump administration that then secured billions of dollars from the Saudi government and hundreds of millions of dollars from other Middle Eastern nations.
Kathleen Clark, a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis who specializes in government ethics, said the Kushner project in Serbia would create a conflict of interest if Mr. Trump was re-elected, even if it was not some long-running effort by the family to get access to the site.

“The concern is the Serbia government may attempt to influence a future President Trump by enriching the president’s family,” she said. “Foreign policy toward Serbia should be influenced by what is in the United States’ interests, not any financial favors coming from the Serbian government.”
The 2020 pitch by Mr. Grenell to reconsider rebuilding at the site of the bombed-out former military headquarters came, according to Serbian government officials, right after Mr. Trump had hosted Aleksandar Vucic, the president of Serbia, at the White House. During that visit, Mr. Vucic praised the progress Mr. Grenell had made in normalizing economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo.
mrzi me da čitam samo što su besramno dali mesto žrtava i sećanja na zločinačko bombardovanje počiniocima istog da se na njemu izgradi hotel (dobro da nije bordel) nego ispada da je još i besplatno dato (naravno besplatno je eufemizam za davanje para samo političarima a ne i državi)...

nego interesuje me koji je interes Kušnera koji je uticajan u jevrejskom lobiju u Americi da uloži 500 miliona evra u hotel u Srbiji...da nas ne očekuje ipak ta famozna operacija Mojsije o kojoj bruje teoretičari zavere?