Čita li uopšte neko pravilnik foruma?

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zanimljivo razmisljanje iz usa sa jednog sajta :lol:

Good rule of thumb is to never post anything, anywhere without understanding that someone knows who you are and can track you.

Same with cameras - just assume you are being filmed.

There are too many legal and non-legal ways to invade privacy.

Even in person you have to be careful. Look at all the times the FBI infiltrated groups to try to frame people.

There's a few posters here I'm sure are some type of "pros". Meaning their primary job (whether or not it's volunteer) is to go on websites like this one. They are excellent at writing posts and know how to hide or redirect from post they don't like. In fact, I think they are partly responsible for the downfall of this website. But exactly how are you going to prove something like that? You can't.

I agree about the DB, it can't be left unattended too long, so someone is working in the back.