Neno Belan


Aktivan član
Neno Belan is a Croatian rock musician, known as the frontman of Đavoli, as well as for his solo work.

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1.1 Early career
1.2 Đavoli and solo career
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[edit] Biography
[edit] Early career
Neno Belan started his career as a teenager in the band Losos, Kavijar i Marsovi Bizoni (Salmon, Caviar and Bisons from Mars). In 1980 he became a member of the band Narodno Blago (National Treasure) which performed rhythm and blues and occasionally performed as the supporting band for Split punk rock musician Fon Bikšić, with whom they performed covers of The Rolling Stones, Ramones and The Clash songs. Narodno Blago disbanded in 1983, and Belan became the member of the band Aquilla. The band performed Dalmatian folk songs, and Belan played mandolin.

[edit] Đavoli and solo career
In 1984 Belan formed the band Đavoli (The Devils), which performed music inspired by 1950s rock and roll. The band successfully performed until 1991. In 1991 appeared Belan's first solo release, EP Rock galama (Rock Noise), recorded with the members of Đavoli. In 1991 Đavoli disbanded due to the outbreak of Yugoslav wars, and 1991 Split Festival, where Belan and Anja Šovagić Despot were scheduled to perform the song "Ljubav postoji zbog nas", was canceled. Belan appeared on the Split Festival in 1992 performing song "Zaboravi". In 1993 he released his first solo album, Vino noći (Night Wine). The album vas recorded with members of Daleka Obala. Vino noći featured hits "Zaboravi", "Sunčan dan" (written by Zdravko Bajan, a former member of Narodno Blago), "A gdje si ti?" and "Ljubav postoji zbog nas" (previously unreleased duet with Anja Šovagić Despot). The album also featured English language versions of "Vino noći" and "Sunčan dan". In 1994 he released EP Mama, and the title track was a candidate for the Croatian representative at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. The EP also featured songs "Beat na moru" (a cover of the 1960s Delfini hit) and "Ne pitaj za nju" (a duet with Toni Cetinski).

During the 1990s, Belan performed mostly abroad, while in Croatia he appeared mostly at music festivals. In 1995 He released pop-oriented album Dolazi ljubav (Love Is Coming). On the tour that followed the album release he was followed by the bass guitarist Olja Dešić and the drummer Leo Rumora. In 1997 he released the album Južnjačka uteha (Southern Comfort). The album featured a cover of The Vibrators' "Baby Baby" (Belan's version entitled "Lezi, baby") and a cover of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" (Belan's version entitled "Odgovor u vjetru").

In 1998 Belan reunited Đavoli and the band released the album Space Twist. However, Đavoli disbanded once again, and Neno Belan formed the band Fiumens, and they released albums Luna & Stelle in 2002 and Rijeka snova (The River of Dreams) in 2007 as Neno Belan & Fiumens.

[edit] Discography
[edit] Đavoli
[edit] Studio albums
Ljubav i moda (1986)
Hallo Lulu 22 (1987)
Space Twist (1998)
[edit] Compilations
Balade - Kad se nađem u predjelu noći... (1989)
[edit] Solo
[edit] Studio albums
Vino noći (1993)
Dolazi ljubav (1995)
Južnjačka uteha (1997)
[edit] EPs
Rock galama (as Neno Belan & Đavoli, 1991)
Mama (1994)
[edit] Neno Belan & Fiumens
[edit] Studio albums
Luna & Stelle (2002)
Rijeka snova (2007)