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ništa natprirodno , u pitanju je Filadelfijski rap sastav ... ali njihova muzika je kao stvorena za ovaj pdf. prvenstveno mislim na prvi album The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness ...

evo na primer pesma "Book Of Blood: The Coming Of Tan"

Riley Martin, author of 'The Coming of Tan', speech sample)
"Perhaps you will believe the million feet of film that's been taken above...
uh... Mexico City, and various other places
If you think that you are alone in this universe
or that you are the guardians of this universe, then you are rudely mistaken"

[El Eloh from Lost Children of Babylon]
Took a physical odyssey
To the fathers of Shabazz
With the shamans of the Cherokees
Arrived in Nevada, 10 miles away from NASA
Met the farmer, in which he revealed to me the
Ohioan crop circles that linked all the star constellations
To 19th galaxy... The metaphysists
That quote the Roswell
New Mexican deserts of death valley
Will he be, extraterrestrial biological entity
discovering extraordinary memories
Glided across Glassland
Suddenly seeing illuminations from the seven heavens circle of sand
Of Area 51 and 57, separate the schoolkid and reveal the reptilian
I seen the CIA transform into the species of Greys
The Sabbath seven adding up to seven levels of the Majestic 12
Neoclassic traveller
I Travel the Twilight Zone with Einstein and Nikola Tesla
Walk through the wilderness of Ibilis
as the flying disc, of Ezekiel
the pope stands upon the podium
Becomes a Zeta Reticulian
behold the arrival of the Elohim ..."

[IKon the Verbal Hologram]
...Beware the prophecies of the Tarots!
Alien Spacecraft flying away like Sparrows!
Study the lost prophetic books of the bible
That recites Fallen body energies: spiritual survival
Flying discs seen in Ezekiel 1:3
Granted Kingu a tablet of destinies
Seviates spoke the word of the Bavarian illuminati
I bring forth harmonics of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!
Annunaki planted the seed where I dwell
either vortex turbines pulling me to hell
awareness upon my savannah as omni dimensional
great species has a common memory complex of the social
liquid crystal colloidal membranes responding
to the spectrum of the universal intelligence matrix...
the basis is that extraterrestrials created Christ
and have a device
that recorded all of Earth's history
and can display it in the form of a hologram precise;
Construction of synthetic humanoids is among us
You have entered the Land Of Nod now, face the deafening thunders
And the spiritual wonders
because the harvest now is coming
Beware the world-wide ancient tunnel system
the government is running
Hectic! Verbal slaughter of the Judeo-Christian Ethic!

[El Eloh]
The world has turned on its last spin
The coming of Tan- That is when ya learn! (x2)

[El Eloh]
Fled with the 5, led through a European wooded ravine
And seen Stone henge connect and bring upon the Annunaki
The Highest kabbalah mystic chants by Elohim
And looks to the sky for prophecy
Was abducted in Nebraska
Then taken back to the laboratory, experiment performed before me
Non earthly alien autopsy!
Psycho social biological and electro-
-Magnetic manipulation of human consciousness
The Vulcan walks about the abyss!

[IKon the Verbal Hologram]
The Verbal Hologram: Wordal killer like Shark eyes
Speak Babylonian and Hebrew genesis like the Star Gods
Blessed by Biaviians like the French theologians
Anti-Christ is coming in the form of a powerful Roman!
Development of Aids was funded in 1969
For the seven (G-7)
and injected into 100 million Africans in 77
Cuneiform inscriptions in Western Asia of the Nabu
Dwell in hell, celestial bodies : twelve like Kathabu
But I can rob you of your spirit soul like Xenu
Elders imprisoned, negative Para-physical beings we knew
Function outside the time-track like Ississani
I chose to be enclosed and I fold too, like Origami
Comprehend the theory of reflection like Paromatma
In the epic Sanskrit history of the world like Mahabharata
Praise to His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


[Riley Martin]
"If you stood above the stratosphere and downloaded 7 gigawatts of negative ions
into the turbines would this not disrupt the..electromagnetic flow?"
Becomes a Zeta Reticulian
behold the arrival of the Elohim ..."
Zanimljivo, Zeta Reticuli je maticna zvezda ovih klasicnih Sivih, Grejsa o kojima pricama, jos ih zovu i Zete bas po tome.

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