Da li ste vi primetili da su dzentlmeni ustvari ljigavci?



The qualities he ascribes to these two classes of men resemble quite closely the qualities typical of Pareto’s Class I and Class II residue types. Men with strong Class I residues are the “foxes,” tending to be manipulative, innovative, calculating.Class I residues lead men to manipulate various elements found in experience. They are at the root of magical practices to control, as the case may be, the course of a disease, or the love of a maiden.... Class II men are “lions” and place much more value on traits such as good character and devotion to duty than on sheer wits. They are the defenders of tradition, the guardians of religious dogma, and the protectors of national honor.The conservative forces of "social inertia" are represented by men in whom the second class of residues (persistence of aggregates) predominate. Such men have powerful feelings of loyalty to family, tribe, city, and nation; they display class solidarity, patriotism, and religious zeal; and they are not afraid of using force when necessary. These are Machiavelli's "lions."
ne znam, recimo :))) ali def. ne bih sve generalizovala. mozda zato i ne etiketiram ljude tek tako...:))) sloj po sloj :))))

onako bljutavo i kao iz zenskih srcastih romana recheno, dzentlmeni, princhevi, princeze i romantichari jesu klishe. sto opet ne znaci da ipak negde neki ne postoje, prekriveni nekim slojevima :)))))
nego ljudi meshaju babe i zabe, itd.