Canon MP220-code 2114


Zainteresovan član
kad krenem da skeniram prvo stoji malo 0% a onda izbaci
Printer maintenance in progress. scan after it is complete code:2,114,0
nemam boje u stampac nisam odavno punio,ali valjda to nema veze sa skenerom,kao sto negde spominju?
jel zna neko kako da se resi ovaj problem.
Ево шта кажу из Canon-a поводом тога (додуше ради се о Canon PIXMA MP210, а ти имаш 220 модел, што би се рекло... скоро па исто):

Canon support and this is what they had to say:

"Unfortunately, the PIXMA MP210 must have all of the inks installed and contain ink for the unit will be able to print. If you are experiencing a "Low Ink" warning, you will still be able to scan, but not print. If you are getting a "Ink Out" error, you will NOT BE ABLE TO USE the unit for copying, scanning, or printing until the ink is replaced. These precautions are in place to prevent damage to the printer from occurring if printing with no ink is attempted. As the process of scanning is the same as copying for the MP210's hardware, this is a part of the design for this model."
Што значи... мораћеш да убациш нове кертриџе, ако мислиш да уопште нешто радиш са том "скаламеријом". ;)