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    Knjiga koju ste najviše puta čitali

    100 godina samoce
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    i mnogi su imali Saturn na MC (mislim Napoleon a i Hitler) ali to im je i donelo nagli pad. a Mesec u skorpiji u padu, u pogledu popularnosti ? popularnost u negativnom smislu ili nepopularnost?
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    Omiljena pekara u Kraljevu?

    Pelivan. "kod Muse"
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    Muški bikovi?

    Potpuno tacno. Zatvoren...
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    Koji vam je podznak?Meni je lav:)

    Znak: Bik Podznak: Lav Mesec: Skorpija
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    Muški bikovi?

    :) ..........
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    Sta ste u horoskopu?

    Kao sto i nick kaze Bik/Lav :)
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    Najbolje rešenje-novi izbori

    Pa Palma je ubacen od strane DS kao trojanski konj da bi pokupio glasove onih koji nikada ne bi glasali za DS, mislili ljudi da glasaju za Slobove naslednike.
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    KUTAK, svrati na trenutak! / Da li neko zna?

    Luckily, I can not help you and I’m tired of searching for solution, that is always at reach of our short hands. And time goes by, our hands get stronger, but they don’t grow. Maybe you should take a step? No, you mustn’t do it first, and I can’t be in front of you. Maybe we should set off...
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    KUTAK, svrati na trenutak! / Da li neko zna?

    When the sun shines, we cry like crazy, because, always, after a sun, we get a terrible rain. When it rains, we sing like crazy, because, always, after a rain, we get a beautiful sun. After good, always bad comes, because nothing better ever came after the best. After bad, good must come...
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    KUTAK, svrati na trenutak! / Da li neko zna?

    AN IMMORTAL POEM If you hear: I died and I was dear to your heart Maybe something inside you will also suddenly turn gray… Have you ever at all thought about the true meaning of life? Like snow on your palm, childhood melting away in you. Worries…. Are there any worries? Sorrows… Are there any...
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    KUTAK, svrati na trenutak! / Da li neko zna?

    A Poem For The Two Of Us I know, it must be like that: the two of us have never met, although we keep searching for each other because of her happiness and my happiness. Drunk rain whips and strikes, wind pulls willows’ hair out. Where am I going? Which town should I stop by? The day is...
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    KUTAK, svrati na trenutak! / Da li neko zna?

    The Talk I consider it a big weakness and I would really be depressed if I would have to explain to you, in plain language, with words suspicious, raw, eaten up and useless all this that I feel. There are everyday, completely ordinary things, that are a secret to many people. “The strongest...
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    KUTAK, svrati na trenutak! / Da li neko zna?

    Magic To someone stars are forbidden. To someone wings. Or swallows I don’t forbid anything. Everything that is not allowed is allowed. I have only one request: try not to grow not an inch, in spite of everyone, until the end of this poem. In the song you live freely, nicely and crazy. You can...
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    KUTAK, svrati na trenutak! / Da li neko zna?

    Decision Life is all something from the beginning. Yesterday and the day before don’t count tomorrow. There are no two the same Fridays in the world, two the same Sundays, two the same Wednesdays. What are disappointments for then? If one love is - blank, dreams are immediately different and...

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