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  • As things become less accessible, we lose freedoms – respond to loss of freedoms by wanting to have them more than before
    Just telling someone that they should not do something makes it more desirable
    If something is not scarce, then it is not desired or valued that much. Praises from a teacher who seldom praises are valued more than praises from a teacher who is liberal with his or her praise
    “Easy things nobody wants, but what is forbidden is tempting.” ~ Ovid
    Even a minor difference toward being "harder to get" can make a major difference in how your man responds to you
    Humans love a feeling of accomplishment. We love to work for something valuable and finally obtain it.

    We tend to scorn what is handed to us too easily.

    We rarely appreciate things which come too easily. We value the things which are elusive - harder to reach, harder to find, harder to get.
    If your goal is to attract and keep a partner, in some instances it might be better to "take" than "give". Let them invest a bit, work to earn you, and become more committed in the process.
    Унутарњи мир се губи када се хвалимо или узносимо над братом и кад осуђујемо или поучавамо друге без кротости и љубави. Он се губи и кад превише једемо или се нехајно молимо...

    Поуке старца Силуана
    Ukoliko imate iskrenu želju da učinite svoj život bednim, naučite da upoređujete sebe sa drugim ljudima.
    Dan Greenber
    Psychopaths are also expertly skilled at surrounding themselves with givers—insecure people who find self-worth in taking care of others. This is why your giving seems so insignificant and replaceable during the relationship. They adore qualities in others who are nothing like you—sometimes even the exact opposite of you. The message is simple: you are no longer special. You are replaceable.
    Sve za čim u životu jurimo, bježi.
    Iznad svega on budno motri da li ste emotivno praviše vezani za njega.
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