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Dokle ide totalitarni rezim u Americi, prosudite i sami.Policija uvek moze da vas posmatra kroz zidove zahvaljujuci spravici koja je usavrsena da moze da je nosi u ruci svaki policajac. Orvelovska Amerika vise nema skrupula ni prema cemu i svoje stanovnistvo izlaze sve vecoj represiji i zastrasivanju.

Ministry of Homeland Security Developing X-Ray Snoop Device

Kurt Nimmo
December 21, 2007

It’s not enough they vacuum up your phone calls and emails, they know your medical history and financial transactions, now they want to look through your walls, right into the most private aspects of your life conducted behind closed doors.

“The lobster is at the forefront of the next new weapon in the war on terror: a handheld device that could help Homeland Security agents see through wood, concrete and steel,” reports Fox News. “Technology based on the crustacean’s uncanny ability to see through dark, cloudy, deep sea water is guiding scientists funded by the government in the early stages of developing a ray that one day could be used by border agents, airport screeners and the Coast Guard.”

Of course, it will be used as well to snoop people deemed a political threat by the government, as government is more concerned with the opposition than imaginary terrorists sneaking in the country by way of a port container. Border agents will not need such a device because it is their job to turn their backs while millions of illegals stream across the border.

David Throckmorton, a project manager in Homeland Security’s Science and Technology division, says a California company has developed a handheld prototype called the LEXID (Lobster Eye X-ray Imaging Device) that can see through walls.

The image, shown on a small screen, isn’t “high-definition TV quality,” Throckmorton says. But it’s good enough to pick up a cache of weapons or the parts for a bomb. It can also show a border agent if a person is crouched on the other side of a steel or concrete wall.

It might also be used to find weapons entirely legal under the Bill of Rights. If the drift of Congress is any indication — and possibly soon enough the drift of the Supreme Court — what is completely legal today may become illegal and thus subject to confiscation tomorrow. It is not too far out to imagine a Ministry sub-contracted thug from Blackwater with one of these soon-to-be perfected and manufactured devices scanning your home looking for the family shotgun. If you doubt this can happen, remember “deputized” Blackwater goons going door-to-door in New Orleans seizing entirely legal firearms.

There’s no estimate yet on how much each device would cost, but [Rick Shie, senior vice president at Physical Optics Corporation] says they hope to make it inexpensively enough so that it could have wide commercial appeal, including to pest control companies and contractors who need to look inside walls for rats or pipes.

And don’t forget the rats who oppose the neocons. Or for that matter their successors, be it Hillary or some other version of neolib dedicated to turn this country into a gulag same as the neocons.

But don’t worry — cost is no object, as the Ministry has already spent billions to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Instead of calling this thing a “Lobster Eye X-ray Imaging Device,” we should call it a “Fourth Amendment Destruction Device,” as it seriously compromises our right to be secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.
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