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If we assume that God does exist
We can notice that he is not perfect.
For he, too, made mistakes.
War, jealousy, hunger, pain, hate ...

Should we try to avoid God's trap
We go to that ugly place
Dark and barren land.
Land we all should avoid.

But there is no God, nor he ever existed.
For we are not worthy of such gift.
We would shoot him with our blasphemy.
And stab him with our misbelief.

And all of this is nothing
Compered to the agony of life.
And the pleasures it brings.
Binging, whoring and devouring the flesh of sin.

Yet it grieves me the most to see
What mankind had become.
Emotionless, pathetic, deceitful
A perfect harvest for the Devil.

His hungry eyes are forever locked on us.
And as such they are waiting for us to sin.
So that the owner of them could feast
Upon our souls, which, in truth are not ours.

For the only thing that belongs to us
Are our emotions, thoughts and dreams.
Should we erase them, we too shall vanish
In the empty eye of the oblivion.

However if you hurry to those emotions
You might find yourself trapped.
Trapped in your own fantasy.
In your desire for those feelings.

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