Zagreb, Podgorica i Priština napravili tajni pakt koji deluje protiv Srbije

Da li su Srbi "hendikepirani" zbog odbijanja ulaska u NATO pakt? Drugi to koriste?

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Veoma poznat
Немци нису лагали, а НАТО само ћути и пушта папире около.... ;)

1. 20:20 Mt. Cicavica
2. 20:35 near Titel NATO plane that was hit with an air to air missile fired by MiG-29 pilot Nebojsa Nikolic. Airplane crashed several minutes later
3. 20:18 Mt. Jastrebac German Tornado
4. near Lazarevac One NATO aircraft hit with an AA missile fired by a pilot Slobodan Peric. Further destiny of the plane is not known
5. 21:30 Kosovo

6. 0:30 Adriatic sea According to Greek military sources, there were two registered "MAYDAY" calls from NATO aircraft
8. 1:00 airfield Rajlovac, Sarajevo Emergency landing of one F-15 spewing thick, white smoke
9. 23:00 2 F/A-18 Hornets that crashed 11km south of Ruma. According to reports, at least one was Canadian
10. 23:10
11. 23:30 area between Pristina and Podujevo
12. around 23:30 Mt. Fruska Gora One aircraft shot down (according to reports, F-117A) who's pilot ejected and was captured in the village Krusedol. He was then taken to the nearest police station
13. Mt. Fruska Gora One German Tornado shot down. Crew ejected. Pilot, male was killed while the female navigator was captured in the village Remeta and taken to the same police station as the pilot from the alleged F-117

14. 17:20 village Donja Trnova, 15km southwest of Bijeljina, Republic of Srpska American F-15E. Crew was killed. The plane was shot down by a MiG-21.

15. around 1:00 Mt. Maljen German Tornado. Crew ejected and landed in the vicinity of the village Konjevici, near Cacak, where they were captured
16. near Pec
17. around 3:00 area between Vrutak and Kremna, near Uzice
18. around 3:20 area between Vrutak and Kremna, near Uzice SFOR helicopter with 22 soldiers on board. After a short gunfight with the Yugoslav infantry unit, helicopter was destroyed by Strela-1M mobile SAM. No survivors.
19. north of Sombor One NATO airplane hit. No further information
20. before morning Ion sea According to Greek military sources, there were three registered "MAYDAY" messages. One from Dutch F-16, one from American F-15 and a third from one French aircraft (probably Mirage 2000)
23. 15:50 Djeneral Jankovic, near Macedonian border Canadian F/A-18 Hornet. Plane crashed on the Macedonian territory
24. around 17:00 near Budjanovci
25. 20:55 Budjanovci F-117A, serial number HO AF 82/806. Pilot Cpt. Ken 'Wiz' Dwelle was rescued, according to NATO. Aircraft shot down by Col. Gvozden Djukic's air defense unit 26. 22:30 Macedonian border Rescue helicopter shot down

27. 2:50 Zabrdje, near Bijeljina Most probably an American F-15. Pilot was killed. Some sources say that it was in fact an F-117!
28. 3:00 near Bijeljina SFOR helicopter HH-60 Pave Hawk with 12 soldiers on board. Only two crew members survived
29. Loznica region Pilot ejected
30. 3:00 Gornji Milanovac Pilot ejected and captured shortly after
31. 16:00 Bijeljina Aircraft hit over Yugoslavia crashed in Bosnia.
32. 22:30 Macedonian border Rescue helicopter shot down
33. 23:50 Pristina Pilot killed
34. 23:55 Mt. Pastrik, near Prizrena Aircraft crashed in Macedonia
35. 3:00 village Gakovo, near Sombor Pilot ejected and reportedly escaped to Hungary
36. 1:30 village Stojna, 14km from Pale, Republic of Srpska Some sources say that it was either F-15 or F-16, American. Pilot ejected but found dead later on. His neck was broken

37. around 1:00 near Virpazar British Harrier. Pilot ejected but was soon captured
38. around 1:00 near Virpazar With the second missile, one aircraft that was in Harrier's escort was hit. Most probably an American F-16 that was hit over Montenegro. His pilot turned the airplane back to Italy but flying above the Adriatic, lost altitude and crashed near several NATO vessels. The pilot was picked up by a French rescue unit
39. 2:30 Mt. Cer Aircraft hit over Cer mountain crashed in Bosnia. According to the reports, it was a German Tornado. Crew ejected
40. 8:00 Surcin
41. 16:30 near Vranje According to reports, Tornado aircraft. Crew ejected and landed in the area between two villages, on the road to Kriva Feja
42. 23:30 Prizren Airplane crashed on Mt. Sara (Sar planina). According to information, it was a British Tornado. Crew ejected and landed onto a KLA controlled territory. They were escorted by the KLA to the Albanian border and handed to NATO representatives
43. before midnight Obla Glava, near Aleksinac UAV

44. evening near Gnjilane F-117 crashed in Macedonia after being hit
45. 18:00 Rescue helicopter with 20 commandos on board
46. Sirig, north of Novi Sad German Tornado. Crew ejected and captured shortly after that
47. 22:30 Mt. Tara
48. 22:45 Mt. Tara NATO rescue helicopter CH-53 with 25 commandos. Helicopter shot down by Strela-2M portable SAM. No survivors

49. 1:00 Mt. Tara NATO (possibly SFOR) helicopter CH-53 Stallion with 25 crew members. Helicopter shot dwon by Strela-2M portable SAM. No survivors
50. 3:05 airfield Pleso, Zagreb Crash-landing of one damaged F-117A
51. 7:00 Kosovo Aircraft hit over Kosovo crashed into suburban area of Skopje

52. . 19:30 Banja Luka region One F-16 seen over the town spewing thick, black smoke
53. 19:45 Novi Sad Aircraft damaged during the attack on Novi Sad's bridge "Most Slobode". Airplane crashed near Stara Pazova. Pilot captured

54. 04.04. before midnight near Uzice One NATO aircraft damaged (most probably F/A-18 Hornet). Aircraft dropped two full fuel tanks and immediately after that, touched with one of its wings a power line. It is not known whether the plane crashed or not

55.. 2:20 Obrenovac

56. 3:03 Zlatibor
57. evening between Dolovo and Banatsko Novo Selo, near Pancevo Aircraft downed by Lt.Col. Zoran Damnjanovic's air defense unit. There are some indications that another plane was shot down as well
58. 21:00 Mt. Fruska Gora One NATO plane downed. Pilot ejected near 'Pobeda' factory and was soon captured. Most likely F-117A
59. 20:00 Novi Sad During the attack on Novi Sad's "Zezelj" bridge, one German Tornado was shot down. Crew ejected and was captured shortly after

60. 2:30 Aleksinac Dutch F-16
61. 4:20 Mt. Fruska Gora During the attack on Crveni Cot TV tower, one plane was downed. Pilot ejected and landed in the vicinity of village Remete. There is information suggesting that it was an F-117
62. after midnight Pristina NATO plane was hit while over the town. Aircraft crashed on Mt. Sara, near Skopje
63. 5:00 south of Fruska Gora Two NATO rescue helicopters with soldiers on board
65. after midnight village Svinjare, near Kosovska Mitrovica
66. 11:10 Mt. Skopska Crna Gora Two NATO SAR helicopters with 40 commandos on board. No survivors
68. after midnight Yugoslav-Albanian border (Montenegro) NATO helicopter with 20 soldiers and one rescued pilot on board. No survivors
69. around 22:00 Hill Zabucje, Uzice One aircraft hit and damaged
70. 23:30 Vozdovac, Belgrade Dogfight between Yugoslav Mig-21 and US F-15. F-15 crashed near Avala mountain. Confirmed by an eyewitness

71. 0:00 near Pristina One NATO aircraft hit which headed in flames toward Macedonia. Near Skopska Crna Gora, one plane was seen in flames and after that, a powerful explosion was heard with a huge blast. It is assumed that the aircraft crashed
72. 2:00 Podgorica French Mirage 2000. Missile missed but pilot ejected anyway
73. 22:30 Kosovo Airplane hit over Kosovo crashed near Skopje
74. before midnight near Pristina American UAV Hunter shot down by Lt.Col. Brajan Vukicevic's air defense unit
75. before midnight Ljig
76. before midnight near Novi Sad Belgian F-16B. 42 year old pilot and 28 years old female co-pilot captured. Plane was shot down by Aleksandar Sunjka with 20mm AAA

77. . after midnight near Nis German Tornado. Crew captured
78. 12:40 Kosovo Aircraft crashed near Skopje

79. 23:30 Ivanovo, near Belgrade

80. 2:00 Batajnica NATO rescue helicopter shot down ad crashed into Danube
81. 15:45 Suva Reka region Crashed near Kumanovo
82. before midnight near Nis

83. . 0:12 Backi Brestovac, near Crvenka German. Most probably Tornado
84. 1:00 between Sombor and Odzaci An unidentified NATO aircraft was shot down by two radar-guided Kub SAMs * (may be the same as the above entry)
85. 11:20 Kosovo NATO aircraft shot down by Major Stojan Simijonovic's air defense unit. Plane crashed in Macedonia

86. 0:21 between Belgrade and Pancevo
87. 21:30 village Osmaci, near Tuzla British Sea Harrier. Pilot killed. Aircraft was hit over Zrenjanin, where it jettisoned its fuel tanks
88. before midnight Kosovo German UAV CL-289

89. after midnight near Batajnica airfield
90. after midnight Jabuka, north of Pancevo
91. 1:00 Olujci
92. after midnight near Srbinje (ex Foca), Bosnia Pilot killed
93. after midnight village Kadijina Cesma, near Tuzla
94. after midnight Bela Crkva, near Vrsac Probably Harrier
95. 23:00 Jabuka road, Pancevo

96. after midnight Kosovo Polje German UAV CL-289
97. 0:10 Priboj
98. morning Kosovo German UAV CL-289
99. after midnight Yugoslav-Romanian border Two fuel tanks and several other F-15 parts found. No further information
100. 9:00 Crashed in Lopare, near Tuzla
101. 10:00* Sirig, north of Novi Sad Aircraft crashed near Kamendin agronomic well. Pilot ejected and captured
102. 10:05* near Belgrade
103. 11:50 Crashed near Mesaric
104. 12:00 Debrca, Vladimirci district

105. 0:00 Krusevac F-16
106. 1:42 Dobovac, near Uzice
107. 1:45 Avala mountain, south of Belgrade Confirmed by an eyewitness
108. 1:59 Dobovac, near Uzice
109. 2:00 Kula
110. 2:00 near Priboj
111. 3:00 Mt. Bjelasnica, Bosnia
112. 12:43 Vladimirci, near Sabac
113. 19:30 Podgorica Tornado. Airplane shot down by Lt. Zdravko Bankovic, with L70 Bofors. Aircraft crashed into Lake Skadar. According to some other info, plane was shot own by Lt. Goran Ratkovic
114. 19:35 Podgorica French Mirage 2000. Airplane shot down by Lt. Zdravko Bankovic, with L70 Bofors. Plane crashed on Rumija mountain. Pilot ejected and captured shortly after. According to some other info, plane was shot own by Lt. Goran Ratkovic
115. 19:45 near Podgorica One NATO aircraft shot down by soldier Predrag Dzonic with Strela-2M portable SAM. Pilot ejected and landed in the village of Kruse where he was captured
116. 23:30 airfield Petrovec, Skopje Crash-landing of one heavily damaged A-10. Plane was hit with two portable SAMs

117. . 17:30 southern Kosovo A-10 shot down by soldier Dragan Petrovic with portable SAM. Plane crashed on Macedonian territory, near the border post Debelde
118. 19:51 Podgorica Tornado
119. 22:45 New Belgrade (Novi Beograd)
120. 23:11 Pancevo
121. 23:15 Podgorica French Mirage 2000

122. 3:17 Mt. Skopska Crna Gora, Macedonia British Sea Harrier
123. 11:00 Milosev Do, near Prijepolja Probably British Sea Harrier
124. 14:30 Urosevac Airplane crashed 4 km into Macedonian territory, near the village Tanusevci. Pilot killed
125. 17:08 Bogatic One Tornado crashed on Fruska Gora mountain
126. 22:10 Cerevic, Fruska Gora Several structural parts of Tornado aircraft were found. Plane was hit and damaged and headed in flames, while spewing thick, black smoke toward Croatian airspace, where it probably crashed
127. 22:10 Loznica Aircraft hit with two missiles crashed in Bosnia
128. 23:30 near Valjevo One aircraft hit with Strela-2M portable SAM. Immediately after that, plane jettisoned its fuel tanks and headed for Ljubovija. Several minutes later, a powerful explosion was heard. Aircraft crashed near Bratunac, Bosnia. Crash confirmed by Yugoslav border patrol and local villagers

129. 0:50 Mountain Skopska Crna Gora, Macedonia One US A-10 crashed after being hit over Kosovo
130. 0:51 airfield Petrovec, Skopje Crash landing of one heavily damaged A-10 Thunderbolt II
131. 0:55 Kosovska Mitrovica
132. 2:00 Pristina UAV
133. around 3:00 Mt. Povlen One Tornado was damaged. Aircraft headed toward Sarajevo airfield but crashed in the village Crvica, near Skelani, in the Republic of Srpska
134. 16:10 Mt. Cicevica, near Pristina Blew up while airborne. Most probably an F-16
135. 16:15 Mt. Cicevica, near Pristina Blew up while airborne
136. 19:00 near Pristina Plane crashed on Mt. Cicavica
137. before midnight near Tuzla American UAV Predator
138. 22:30 Jelovski Kamen, near Tetovo Tornado
139. 23:00 airfield Rajlovac, Sarajevo Crash-landing of one Danish F-16. Plane was damaged by a SAM

140. 19.04. after midnight village Jegunovce, near Tetovo German UAV CL-289
141. 10:30 Tetovo, Macedonia Tornado
142. 14:01 Kumanovo, Macedonia
143. Smederevo During the attack on the bridge in Smederevo, one aircraft shot down by a SAM
144. 23:00 Mt. Veliki Jastrebac
145. 23:30 Mt. Veliki Jastrebac NATO helicopter with rescue troops
146. 23:15 Urosevac

147. 2:30 Mt. Rudnik, Topola
148. 3:15 Mt. Rudnik, village Cumic
149. 19:00 Gornje Stanovce, near Vucitrn UAV
150. 23:00 near Vranje
151. 23:30 Mt. Jastrebac Rescue helicopter
152. 23:50 near Beocin Two F-15 fuel tanks found filled with bullet holes. Aircraft crashed in the area between Vukovar and Osijek
153. 21.04. 16:00 Mt. Fruska Gora One NATO plane damaged. Several parts were found. Aircraft crashed in Croatia
154. 23:40 Vozdovac, Belgrade Hit with several 30mm AAA Praga rounds. Crashed into Lipovica forrest (Lipovacka suma) Confirmed by an eyewitness

155. 0:43 Orlovaca Rescue helicopter
156. 1:20 Lipovica, near Belgrade Rescue helicopter. Crew killed, helicopter captured
157. Sonta, near Apatin American UAV Predator
158. 18:00 Kursumlija Wreckage found in town's vicinity
159. 18:05 Kursumlija Wreckage found in Lebane region
160. 23.04. 2:28 Makis, Belgrade
161. 4:20 area between Surcin and Jakovo
162. 4:40 Lipovica, near Belgrade Rescue helicopter
163. 15:00 near Pristina One NATO plane damaged. Several parts were found on the scene. While spewing thick, white smoke, aircraft headed for Albania where it most probably crashed
164. 15:10 Orlane, 15km northeast of Pristina
Užas kako ste izmasakrirali nato avijaciju, čak je i prastari mig21 omastio brk smazavši za večeru F15E kojem se prišuljao na pola kilometra da bi ga svojim oružjem srušio. To do sada nije uspjelo ni su27 ni migu 29.
Tek ono da ste ih rušili protuavionskim mitraljezima i flakovima, očito je taj koji je to pisao malo previše gledao partizanske filmove gdje se šutke i ostala avijacija obara starom tandžarom.


Извештај за '41-ву... Имаш на стотине хиљада заплењених докумената који се чувају ОВДЕ:



Ако те интересује и ти се можеш бавити истраживањем. Има и посебно одељење које "покрива" НДХ:

Dobar link, hvala.

a bre Milun

Ma da, pa Tonson si je uzeo taj nadimak jer je svako imao Tonsone, a ne možda srpske kalaše, M74 AB2. :ok:
nije on nista uzo. To mu je ime dato .........u sklopu zadatka provokacije srpskog naroda dok god Srbija ne udje u NATO.............
Tis zaboravio da je hrvatska u NATO? U " lijepoj vasoj" ne smete ni ime novorodjenom detetu da date a da prethodno ne trazite odobrenje od NATO.........


nije on nista uzo. To mu je ime dato .........u sklopu zadatka provokacije srpskog naroda dok god Srbija ne udje u NATO.............
Tis zaboravio da je hrvatska u NATO? U " lijepoj vasoj" ne smete ni ime novorodjenom detetu da date a da prethodno ne trazite odobrenje od NATO.........
U redu je Milune, Tonsonu je NATO dao ime u sklopu provokacije :ok:
Jesi se ozonirao pa mi postao pametnica odjednom?


e tako ni meni ne veruju kad kazem da je vatra vruca.........Saliva i njegovi kameradi stave ruku, opeku se al uporno tvrde da je vatra hladna.
sta ces...........sloboda misljenja mora se postovati.
A znam kako ti je.
I ja kažem, Zemlja je ravna pa ne vjeruju, ali evo, popni se na planinu i pogledaj horizont - jel ravno, ravno je, a oni i dalje ne vjeruju.
Pa mi kažu ali ostale planete su kugle, a ja reko pa jel ima tamo ljudi? Jel tamo ima života? Odakle vam ideja da Zemlja mora biti poput par ostlih planeta?
Ti i ja smo neshvaćeni, ali znamo da smo u pravu.

a bre Milun

A znam kako ti je.
I ja kažem, Zemlja je ravna pa ne vjeruju, ali evo, popni se na planinu i pogledaj horizont - jel ravno, ravno je, a oni i dalje ne vjeruju.
Pa mi kažu ali ostale planete su kugle, a ja reko pa jel ima tamo ljudi? Jel tamo ima života? Odakle vam ideja da Zemlja mora biti poput par ostlih planeta?
Ti i ja smo neshvaćeni, ali znamo da smo u pravu.

ma da..........kreni oko kuce pa ce dodjes na isto mesto odakle si i poso............. al dzaba, Saliva ce kaze da ti avlija nije ravna nego da je kugla.


:hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha: :hahaha:
Stari moj, tebi nisu baš sve na broju. Nikome, osim svima ostalima oko sebe. Ti si prespavao 90-te ili nisi bio ni rođen? Srbija ima za predsjednika čovjeka koji u Glini 1995.-te govori o srpskoj Lici, srpskom Kordunu, srpskoj Baniji. Kad je nedavno bio u Zagrebu odbio je ispričati se za te riječi, što znači da i dan danas isto misli. Srbija je neprijatelj svima u okruženju i biti će to još dugo!

Kako je Srbija neprijatelj Republici Srpskoj?


Ističe se
Međunarodni institut za bliskoistočne i balkanske studije (IFIMES) iz Ljubljane ocenio je da je za NATO štetno bilo kakvo delovanje Hrvatske i Crne Gore u i prema Srbiji, jer kao članice NATO-a svojim aktivnostima stvaraju dodatnu negativnu percepciju građana Srbije prema Alijansi.


Luda situacija. Jebiiii ga "antisrpska koalicija" u regionu , a NATO im je neka "sigurnost" protiv Srba i nažalost svi to tako gledaju i Crnogorci i Hrvati i Bošnjaci i Makedonci i Slovenci i Albanci. Nažalost svi. E sad da li bi srpska politika mogla nešto promeniti ulaskom Srbije i BiH / Republike Srpske u NATO pakt a sa druge strane sećanja na bombardovanje Republike Srpske 1995 godine i Republike Srbije 1999 godine od strane NATO pakta?

Pa i ovo u Crnoj Gori? Ne bi to smeli raditi da nisu u NATO paktu, jer znaju u slučaju bilo čega da se Srbija ne sme vojno umešati čak ni bilo kojom drugom vrstom vojne pomoći bez rizika rata protiv NATO pakta i zato koriste situaciju za obračun sa SPC i uopšte srpskom politikom. Bez NATO pakta ne bi to smeli.

Po ugledu na Crnu Gore na istu "kartu" računaju i drugi.

Čak će i u BiH pre zaratiti nego se odreći puta u NATO pakt i ukoliko se bude odlučivalo o ulasku u NATO pakt spremni su ponoviti referendum kao i 1992 godine.

Luda situacija, skroz na skroz.

Ludo žalosno.
bošnjo, ne čitaj informer previše...



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