TAJNI RAT U KAVKAZIMA - Gruzija već NEDELJAMA vrši MASAKRE u Azerbejdžanu

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"Georgian special forces have taken hold of villages scattered throughout Azerbaijan. Incredibly, Kombayn Nikoladze appears to have been able to move thousands of troops across the borders over a course of weeks, completely hidden from both local and international authorities, through a high-tec counterintelligence algorithm. The number of Azerbaijani casualties are unknown, but early estimates number in the high thousands.

In their third day of fighting, US-led NATO troops took three more Azerbaijani villages occupied by Georgian special forces. US troops met only light resistance and suffered minimal casualties. The Georgian commando cells are becoming increasingly hard to locate, as military intelligence offers no new solutions to Nikoladze's computer warriors.

Kombayn Nikoladze has vanished, along with his top military advisors. Speculation points to NIkoladze's fear of a war crimes tribunal as motivation for him to flee the country.

In a two minute webcast from locations unknown, Georgian president Kombayn Nikoladze called America and it's allies an army of scarecrows, declaring them "helpless to defend themselves or their homeland." The precise nature of Nikoladze's threat, experts fear, could make itself known within ample time."

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