Suport CD za mainboard


Mozda neko ima slican problem Meni sve odlicno radi na ploci osim USB portova

The support CD for my new motherboard is faulty and Asus will not supply me
with another, neither will ebuyer is there a way I can download the FULL ISO
image and not just a bunch of drivers?

You should be able to download most if not all of the software on the
support CD off their website. That's probably why they won't send you
a CD. Download and make your own CD with the software you want/need

I wouldn't want to buy the CD either. However I should note, that when I
configured my new A8n-SLI Premium, I downloaded all the software from the
Asus website so I had the latest and greatest. Everything seemed to work ok
but I had an unknown device in device manager. After doing several
searches, other users found the same issue, and said all I needed to do was
simply insert the Asus CD and it would fix the issue. I put the CD in, the
asus menu came up and suddenly my unknown device was gone. I didn't even
choose anything to install from the CD. Maybe there is a way to fix it
without a CD, or maybe it was just a few people who had that problem.
Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there.

Howdie Folks,

I thought that I would save you some trouble and time :-)
the device you are looking for is the ATK0110 ACPI UTILITY it is hidden in system devices the system file name for this is syste32/drivers/ ASACPI.sys maybe you could google it
and download it

Ja imam isti problem samo moja ploca je ASUS P5 GD1.Ako neko ima CD da mi pozajmi da ucitam drivere za USB port jer mi oni ne rade.Mislio sam da mi je pregoreo juzni most kako mi je neko ovde rekao ali verujem da bih sa ovim CD om resio problem
U biosu je sve podeseno na difault i USB portovi su tamo ok.Probao sam sve ali nista.Nasao sam jos na internetu neka objasnjenja gdje su svi imali isti problem sa ovom seriojm asusovih ploca.I resili su ga samo instalacionim cd.Inace imam SP#3.Resio sam problem pc karticom koju sam kupio i instalirao njene drajvere i sa kartice mi rade portovi ali oni na ploci nece.Pokusavam googlanjem po internetu sve i svaciji savjet probam ali do sada nista. Hvala Nastavljam i svaki savjet je dobrodosao