Stihovi koje izdvajate...


Primećen član
Nova sam na ovom pdf-u pa ne znam da li ima ovakva tema.....ako ima,slobodno zakljucajte...

e,pa ovako,napisite stihove koji su vam onako prirasli srcu....i koje volite....iz koje pesme su...

pa da ja pocnem....

Now this mountain i must climb
Feels like a world upon my shoulders
I through the clouds i see love shine
It keeps me warm as life grows colder

(Foreigner-I want to know what love is)
Ima slična tema...dobro ne ova prva,ali druga je tu negde.... :)

Evo da odgovorim na temu...

Hello darkness, my old friend,
I've come to talk with you again,
Because a vision softly creeping,
Left its seeds while I was sleeping,
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence...

But I've got to creep down the alley way,
Fly down the highway,
Before they come to catch me I'll be gone.
Somewhere they can't find me...

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ?

People are strange when you're a stranger
Faces look ugly when you're alone...

Call the queen, now
Be my bride
Ragin' darkness
By my side
Seize the summer
In your pride
Take the winter
In your stride
Let's ride, yeah
Easy, easy, easy....

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
It hurts to set you free
But you'll never follow me
The end of laughter and soft lies
The end of nights we tried to die

Confusion will be my epitaph.

Don’t you know, honey,
Ain’t nobody ever gonna love you
The way I try to do ?
Who’ll take all your pain,
Honey, your heartache, too ?
And if you need me, you know
That I’ll always be around if you ever want me
Come on and cry, cry baby, cry baby, cry baby...

i toliko od mene... :mrgreen:
Am I Everywhere Where My Traces Are?

Am I everywhere where my traces are?
Who knows what I’ve been connecting with
without even touching it
Maybe I’ve resided in my life as well
maybe there are certain signs
or it’s like there’s a stranger.
But still, I can be coped with,
although it’s unusual.
It’s risky to walk with me,
I never get tired.
I must be the only person
who doubts himself
more and more often I have a feeling
that I’m no shape
but that I’m, instead, sailing freely
through my own drunkenness
- left to the sun’s wind
I’m being poured off and poured more.
But still, I can be coped with,
although it’s unusual,
it’s risky to want with me,
I never give up.
Uncorrupted by experience,
a special case of loneliness.
I sometimes invent reality,
so that I’d have somewhere to spend the night.
I’ve seen too much,
to dare to claim,
I’ve found out a lot,
to have a single proof
but still, I can be coped with,
although it’s unusual.
It’s risky to love with me,
I never forget.
I’m trying to understand the teachings
that understand me.
A faith that is willing to believe in me
is unclear to me.
It’s hard to be chained
in my kind of liberty.
It’s easy for me to handle unrest,
I can’t soothe peace.
But still, I can be coped with,
although it’s unusual,
with me, it’s even extraordinary to die…
because I never end.

-Pa gospodo ovo ce biti veliki izazov za sve nas...
-Sestro zaustavite to kucanje nervira me!
-Dodjavola! Voleo bih da nisam zaboravio cvikere!
-Sestro, molim skalpel.Ovo ce nam biti potrebno za autopsiju.
-Da li je neko uspeo da prezivi ovoliku dozu???
-Sto mrzim da operisem kad Zvezda gubi!
-Dodajte mi tu motornu testeru!
-Sestro dajte nesto za smirenje.Tresu mi se ruke...
-Danas bas nemam srece.
-Eejj ,vracaj to ovamo! Nevaljala dzukela!
-Je li ovaj potpisao da bude donator organa?
-Sestro dodaje te mi tu Bibliju
-Vatra!Vatra!Svi napolje
-Primi ovu zhrtvu,ti veliki i mrachni gospodaru tame! :hahaha::hahaha::hahaha::hahaha: