Samoubica digao u vazduh rusku policijsku stanicu u Nazranu

Car bomb kills at least 18 in Russia's south

He chose the time of the 9 O’clock morning formation of personnel.
The explosion destroyed part of the building, setting the rest of it on fire. 80 fire-fighters and members of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (EMERCOM) are working on the site and have already put the fire out. They continue to look for survivors under the debris.

RIA Novosti news agency informs that law-enforcement agencies of Ingushetia knew about the attack beforehand and were looking for the vehicle with explosive, but did not manage to spot it in time.

When the terrorist, in a commercial vehicle, headed into the closed gates of the yard in front of republic’s police headquarters, the guards opened fire at the truck but did not succeed in neutralizing the militant. Once the vehicle got inside the courtyard, an explosion rocked the premises.

The police headquarters building has been completely destroyed by the blast and the fire that followed. The ammunition and cartridges stored inside the building also exploded. More than 20 cars parked in the courtyard have been burned out.


Мухамеданци, крвници