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Nije bas ideja za anime vec za video igru, projekat u koji sam primljen (se ubacio xD). Saznao sam nesto vise o tome i eto, dodjoh do toga da sam im napisao ovo i da se jedan lik odusevio drugi tek treba da vidi. Na engleskom je i masivno je...

So I'd start of with a dream sequence. MC (main character) dreams of a war, aliens attacking humans. End of the earth. He wakes up and one playing the game thinks it's ordinary nightmare, but MC starts explaining through monologue that those dreams are present for a long time now. It happens while dream sequence is playing on our screens. After that intro we turn to reality where we find out the name of the MC, we find out that he is working on some kind of moving platform on the bottom of the ocean where they research wildlife there. I imagined a scene where someone is waking him up so that he isn't late and then we find out about all of this while playing. You get a mission to get your clothes and go to someone to get your ID card. While you are walking around the platform either text or voice of the MC is talking about the workplace and what I already wrote about above. Of course, the plot needs to be in the future at least, because today we don't have that technology. Then you get few more simple missions like bring that, go take that. Then you are summoned to a senior staff meeting (MC must have something is his life as I imagined his life as rough one xD So work is only thing left for him). There the captain of that platform informs you that nearby a mysterious object was discovered and since the platform you are working is nearest to it you have been given a mission to explore it. Suddenly guy in charge of sonar and communications barges in and tells people at the meeting that he picked up some strange signal from the object. BAM! Everything becomes black, you hear explosions and finally faint. Next thing you know is that you woke up in that meeting room and found yourself surrounded by dead colleagues. That's how survival starts. You go out of the room see that more people are dead and notice that you are bleeding heavily. Your sight is blurring so your first mission is to get to medical bay. First you start of with simple weapons, crowbar, ordinary metal bar. I'd put an option to create your own weapons by combining nails and wood for example, or breaking broom to make a stake. Rest are missions that need to be thought of carefully so they make sense. Soon you encounter some monsters and kill them (weak first opponents) and as you go you encounter tougher and tougher monsters until you get to level where you meet entity that tells you that he is an alien from some planet (think of a name). He'll tell you all about the plan to conquer the earth, and the problems aliens had when entering Earths atmosphere. There were complications so they had to activate recovery mode meaning that all aliens fall into hibernation state and they sent little alien bug that when comes close to the ship sends signal that wakes up the aliens. The bug is parasitic so it had to live in humans. It went from human to human(it gets out of human after human dies and finds a new host) until it found MC who was working on that platform and was able to get close to the alien ship. It explains further that aliens posses psychic power and that he is one of the GOOD aliens? How come? He never liked conquering other planets as their planet had everything. He rigged the bug so it transfers some of that psychic power to the host and that's where those dreams came from. He teaches you the first power and promises to help you along the way but he has to go because he is sensing another one of his kind coming here. He goes away and that other one comes, he is the second boss (the firs one will be one little stronger monster than those basic ones, later on that first boss becomes weak like the others, at least until you meet mega version of it). So then you start doing many missions, collecting stuff needed to help you (some RPG elements must be present for game to be good). Then you meet another survivor. A female survivor. She is locked in one room (whichever you want) and she has only radio. She was trying to reach someone and already started loosing hope when MC found the radio and answered. Then your goal is to save her, but not so fast. You'll need to keep her spirit up and talk to her as you fight aliens. You'll have to prepare for what she is going to see when she comes out of that room. You'll keep doing missions until you reach her room. Meanwhile that good alien will come again and explain why he had given you powers. He'll explain that invasion can't be done by only one ship. Aliens on this ship need to get to surface and put transmitters so they can summon others. He gave you powers so that you can stop them and destroy their ship. At first you deny your mission and say that your only worry is to get out of here. You want to reach the capsule pod. He says that it is your choice but that you need to think about it.You keep talking with locked woman, and although you only think of escaping her voice reminds you of your late wife's voice so you can't resist but to save her. Finally you reach her room but you can't open the door so you need to find another way in (that's new mission). When you save her you both just want to escape from the platform, but she says that they should try to do what alien told him to do. You refuse to listen to that, you hate world because it took your wife and child from you. You think there is no better thing for the world but to end. Story really needs to explore this conflict "I want to survive, but I want the world to suffer"
Next is the part when you along with your female character (that will fight with you) come across the room filled with water, and guess what? You need to go through it. Only way to do so is to let the water out by those (this is where my English is not so good. Those specific terms I don't know xD) vents. You two split, she goes to the room where she is going to activate system that will drain the water out. You on the other hand get a mission to fix the hull. Of course you found the suit but you need to find the tools. You run around some other rooms, find everything you need and you take one harpoon with you, just in case. You fix the hull, but then another boss comes up. Giant fish like alien that was released from alien ship to guard the outside of the ship. Of course harpoon is your only weapon. You fight the boss by dodging and hitting it with the harpoon 3 times in his weak spot (let's say heart for example, like with dragons xD)
When you are done with that you come back in to the platform, woman activates the system and just as she says she is on her way she screams. Again you meet the good alien who tells you that she was kidnapped and that he was busted. He now has to hide, but he'll keep helping you whatever way he can. Others found out what he was doing and took her so they can blackmail MC. You suddenly realize that you fell in love with the woman so you make it your mission to save her and you tell good alien that you might end up saving the world after all. Of course other missions where you have to break through the aliens and rooms while evil ones contact you and tell you to give up that she is dead. Finally you reach take submarine (mini version) and go to the alien ship. You find their weapons, explore their ship. When they realize you are on their ship they tell you that she is alive and that if he gives up they'll let him and her live on their ship. He knows that's not true so he denies. MC tells them that he will destroy them if they harm her, and they answer him that they won't do that. They want him to try and save her and if he manages to come where they are they want to kill them together. More missions, you stumble upon some kind of alien drug that makes you stronger and faster so you get mission to collect those. Finally you get to the final boss. You fight him and when you defeat him you have a choice. He triggered the system. You can either kill him or save the girl. If you kill him the girl dies, if you decide to run and save the girl he will shoot you in the back with the last weapon he hid. If you choose to kill him you get good/bad ending you stopped the invasion but you remain angry at the world and commit suicide. If you choose to save her alien boss kills you, but that is not the end. Good alien comes in and uses ultimate power. He gives you his life and powers. Ofc before that happens we have a scene in the darkness where MC's voice wonders if he is dead. Why doesn't he feel pain and etc. Then bright light, alien appears and tells you what he had done. You wake up with the woman in your hands (you managed to save her before you were shot) and kill the boss alien. Still not the end. Now you need to escape. You get time limit because you activated self destruction. You manage to get to the alien escape pod and you go for the surface. Alien ship blows up. But I imagined this ending. One more pod was launched. One of the aliens survived. I did that so we have material for the part 2 of the game called Invasion. As for the name of the game itself I'd name it Caerula (latin for blue/deep blue). So part one called Caerula: The Beginning and part 2 of the game Caerula: The Invasion


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Čekam sad inspiracija da me ošine dobrano pa da napišem u svojoj svesci kako bude ispalo. :D Uglavnom, tagovi će biti Psycological/Martial Arts/Magic - Alchemy (nešto između će biti, magija koja je definisana znakovima, ne kao FT i ostalo) i to je to, nema romanse, jer sam i sam neiskusan po tom polju i glupo mi da pišem tako nešto. Napraviću na foru Light Novel ako vam se 1. chapter svidi, mada zavisi hoće li ga i biti, uglavnom mi ne ide da pišem bilo šta u serijalu.


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Вау, занимљива тема. углавном кад ми нешто падне на памет, везано за смишљање нове аниме, прође ме после секунд. Дакле то је оно типа, "их што би било добро да . . . "
Не стидим се да признам да ми је машта на нули :sad2:

У ствари некада сам је имао, када сам као дете кроз двориште марширао са војском виловњака у бој . . . :mrgreen: Не знам куд нестаде . . .