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Bakhmut district, Donetsk People's Republic, Russia.

The fortified area of the Ukrainian Armed Forces - the Valyanovsky nursery, located in the north-west of Bakhmut (the birthplace of the Ukrainian fear) - came under the control of the Russian Armed Forces.

Good news for the evening. Continuing the offensive west of Artemovsk, our troops took several enemy positions, including a “nursery” that the enemy had held since the spring of 2023.

Serious losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and demoralization of personnel are reported, complaining about the lack of reinforcements and rotation. Our command firmly seized the initiative to the north-west and west of Artemovsk, which resulted in a number of tactical successes. We are waiting for the continuation.
Не, види цео свет како Кремљ шаље неруске народе на фронт да гину као пси док деца најкрвавијег пропагандисте В. Соловјева имају америчке пасоше. Такви људи као што си ти су риба која кљуца ову удицу - украјински нацизам и западноевропски империјализам.
Најбоље да останеш тамо где си живео цео живот - биће нам добро и без тебе.

Sad ću vam odsviram nešto na klaviru, samo malo da dremnem . :kafa:
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