Protesti se sire Amerikom


Many unsettled Wisconsin teachers returned to work today after more than a week of protests against Republican Governor Scott Walker’s budget proposal to increase benefit costs for public-sector employees and put an end to unions’ collective bargaining rights.

But, the labor fight in Wisconsin is far from over and it’s spreading to states like Ohio, Oklahoma and Indiana where protests protecting public -- and private -- sector employee unions have erupted. The labor disputes have become less about money, and more about the rights of employees to unionize.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich's plan to eliminate the collective bargaining rights of public workers fueled protests in the Columbus statehouse yesterday and will likely do so again today. In Oklahoma, state workers are on the offensive as lawmakers there have made pension reform a top priority, but have made no formal proposals. And in Indiana, the labor fight is over bill in the state legislature that would end a law requiring private-sector workers to pay dues and belong to a union that bargains on their behalf.

In recent years there has been much debate over the salaries and benefits of public employees, but it looks like the real fight is just getting started.

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