Pripravnici Velikog Vodje

Djukanovic Milo. kako je samo ovaj Titov omladinac podviknuo slovencima i hrvatima kada su napustili kongres SKJ. Nazalost ne moze da objasni poreklo svog ogromnog bogatstva. Evo sta kazu zlonamerni:

He has been accused of running a cigarette smuggling ring; he denies the allegations, but cannot explain the wealth he has built up over his career. Tales of Djukanovic asking his staff to close beaches so he can have a private swim are of local lore, and his business success has been tied to using the country’s secret service to shield his activities in the private sector. Whether all, some, or none of these accusations are true remains to be seen, but nevertheless, the rumors persist. Even if it is just the people around him who are indulging themselves with Montenegro’s coffers and resources, the stain of corruption remains.