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Ево овако стоје ствари! Дакле, потребан ми је овај текст, али погађате, на српском! Е сад, желео бих да замолим оне који имају времена, а добро "владају" енглеским да ако могу и није им тешко, ми преведу на брзину овај текст!
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Effect of Maternal Lead on Birth Outcomes

Historical documentation of effects of lead on pregnancy outcomes indicates that lead at high doses mat be an abortifacient. This must be a rare event today and there are no recent reports retaling maternal lead exposure to spontaneous abortion or stillbirth. However, epidemiological studies do suggest that maternal blood lead levels may affect duration of pregnancy and fetal birth weight and stature. A study in Port Pirie, Australia, showed that there was an 8.7 times greater risk with maternal blood lead levels of 14 ug/dl or greater than with a maternal blood lead level of 8.0 ug/dl. Moore and coworkers (1982) showed in a cross-sectional study of 236 mothers and their infants that gestational age was significantly reduced as a function of increasing umbilical cord or maternal blood lead levels. Borcheim et al. (1989) reported that in the Cincinnati Prospective Study there was a half week decrease in gestation for a 10 ug/dl increase in maternal blood lead. These investigators also found reduced birth weight and birth lenght related to maternal blood lead levels.

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