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Lay of the Land
Nuketown ’84 is a fast and frenetic 6v6 map set in a nuclear testing ground modeled on an idyllic American neighborhood.
Although the layout may look familiar to fans of the original Black Ops iteration of Nuketown, this particular location in the Nevada desert has been designated “Site B.” In 1954, Site B was primed for “the big test,” but a last-minute government budget decision decommissioned the site. For 30 years, this Nuketown remained dormant… until in 1984, a group of social misfits travelling through no man’s land discovered the site and made it their home. Decorating the site with graffiti and various junk collected in their travels, they turned this quaint cul-de-sac into a personal desert refuge from a world filled with wars, anxiety, and “The Man.”

The map’s primary feature is the two iconic model homes facing one another on opposite ends of the cul-de-sac: a teal one on the west, which has the iconic Nuketown sign out front, and a yellow one to the east.
Outside of their faded paintjobs superimposed with graffiti, each home has a spacious living room to welcome you in through the front door. Follow the staircase up to the second level or pass through the kitchen in the rear, which has an exit out to the backyard and another to open attached garage with an alternate route out to the back.

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