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Ducks are highly intelligent and emotional creatures. They can understand commands, play with toys, play games, give kisses, and beg for snuggles like other birds if you take the time to work with them. If they are hatched in your home they can also imprint on you which leads to even more fun adventures.

Kako je reč o visoko socijalnoj životinji, ne preporučuje se čuvanje manje od 3 ptice. Životni vek im je 20 godina.
Ali, pisaću više o njima i o držanju istih, ako mi moderator ne obriše temu, ne isplati mi se da sad opširnije pišem o ovim divnim stvorenjima :)

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evo nekih slika patki, izvini iduci put ako ti nije muka prevedi tekstove na engleskom.



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prvo i najbitnije, patke nisu za čuvanje u stanu, a brčkanje u kadi, dakle, ako nemate dvorište zaboravite na patke kao ljubimce.

evo malo na engleskom o tome, prevešću tekst u narednom periodu...

Before You Begin

We've had quite a few emails lately from people wanting to keep a duck as a house pet.

Please, PLEASE DO NOT keep a duck as a house pet. They are NOT suited to that kind of life and although it may make you happy to own one, understand that you are being cruel to the duck.

The second point, which applies to ALL potential duck owners: NEVER keep just one duck. This is also cruel. Ducks are highly social animals and this means they NEED other ducks to live with. Two is the absolute minimum, and 3 or more is better.

Please DO NOT get a duck, or any other animal for that matter, just to be 'different'. Think about the animal's needs, and how to give it the life IT needs, not the life YOU want it to have.

Ducks are wonderfully hardy, inexpensive, and easy to care for. They can live up to 20 years and make gentle and amusing pets. Ducks are social animals; they get along well with each other and seldom fight. While it is possible to keep just one duck, it is strongly recommended that you have at least one other for company, and three or four are best.

If handled frequently and gently from an early age, ducks will become quite sociable with people. Contrary to popular belief, ducks do NOT require a pond or other open water in which to swim. They do not have the odour of chickens, nor are they as subject to parasites, fleas or ticks.

Sexing ducklings is tricky, and so they are usually sold `unsexed'. When grown, the sexes may be distinguished by secondary characteristics. For example, in some breeds the males have a mainly green head, whereas the females do not. The rules for sexing by colour are dependent on the breed. Ducks can also be sexed by their voices from the time they are about 6 weeks old. The females will begin to quack while the males' voices sound hoarse, like they have laryngitis.

Care of Ducklings

Ducklings must be kept warm and dry for the first three to four weeks. Put a box or cage in a warm place (about 80-85oF, or 30oC), or supply heat with a light bulb. They must be allowed to move into or out of the heat as they choose, so place the lamp in a corner of the cage instead of in the centre. DO NOT leave them with water they can climb into when unsupervised - they can become chilled and could possibly drown.

At about 4 or 5 weeks when the ducklings' breasts are covered with feathers, they can be put safely outdoors if it is not too cold. Try to get them used to the outdoors slowly by placing their box or cage outside for longer periods each day. If the weather is nice they can be outside even when very young.



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Fencing requirements are also minimal: a three foot (one meter) high chicken wire enclosure will do, as would a nylon garden fence. Try to arrange at least ten square feet per bird. If dogs are a hazard, the fence must be at least 4 feet high, and preferably five feet (especially if coyotes are around). Remember to keep the fence flush with the ground. If your yard is well fenced already, you may opt to just let them loose in it.

Ducks need minimal shelter. They should have the option of getting out of the rain, sun, and wind if they choose. For up to four ducks, a good sized dog house is quite sufficient (2 feet by three feet for 2 ducks; 3 feet by 4 feet for four ducks). Make sure that the opening faces away from the prevailing winds (in the Calgary area, face the opening South, SouthEast, or East). Nadam se da doticna ne cita, dragi prijatelji upozorio bih vas da nikako ne idete na temu o labradorima jer je tamo na zloglasnoj sedamdeset sedmoj strani uzasna fotka okacena. The house can be insulated, bit this is not really necessary. The houses in use at Mink Hollow are uninsulated, and we have never lost a healthy bird to the cold, even in -40o weather. If it gets very cold, try to arrange that the door can be closed. This is a good idea especially if predators might be a problem (this includes the local dogs and cats!). If there are other pets around (yours or anyone else's), make sure the birds are well protected. The house should always be bedded with clean straw or wood shavings.

Food and Water

Waterfowl should be fed unmedicated feed always. For the first two weeks the ducklings should be fed duck starter, which is a special ration for young birds. For weeks 3-7 they should be fed duck grower which is optimal for growth and development. From then on you can feed pullet grower, which is a lower protein, unmedicated chicken feed. Feed prices vary, but most are in the $6-$10.00 range, which buys a 25Kg. bag. This should feed 3-4 ducks for about a month. In the Calgary area, unmedicated feed can be purchased at CO-OP feed mills, as well as numerous other places.

The birds should also have access to GRIT. This is simply ground up stone which they must have to help grind up food in their gizzards (they have no teeth for this purpose!). A bag of #2 grit will last just about forever.

Ducks love greens to eat; they will keep your yard free of weeds if you allow them free access. They also love other vegetables and grains, and will happily eat your dinner left-overs if they are not spiced too heavily. This includes breads, pasta, and vegetables, all cut into bit-sized pieces. Please make sure that ALL fresh food is free of herbicides and pesticides.

The birds require a constant supply of clean water, deep enough to allow them to submerge their head. If you wish to supply water for swimming, try using a plastic wading pool found in toy stores. Just make sure they can get in and

out by themselves. Don't allow the water to get too dirty; use leftover swimming water in your garden or on the lawn for fertilizer.

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Meni je neko za rodjendan jos odavno bio poklonio dva paceta. Mislili da bi bilo zanimljivo. Bas mi ih je bilo zao,onako mali, bez mame patke, u stanu. Drzali smo ih otprilike dve nedelje kod nas pa smo ih odneli u vikendicu kod babe i dede, tamo su imali kokosije drustvo. Uglavnom, zivele su bas dosta, ne mogu da se setim koliko, dok nije uletelo neko kuce i podavilo sve...jadne...
Uglavnom dok su bile u stanu, bas su bile nekako zbunjene, a onda kad su dosle na vikendicu, covece ne mozes da ih prepoznas, secam se mi dolazimo kolima, a one istrcavaju da vide ko to dolazi.
Ako ikada budem imala kucu sa dvoristem, definitivno cu imati jedno malo jato pataka.
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