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Marburg Virus - dve zrtve, ali strahuje se da se zaraza siri

bas kao

The new outbreak of the Marburg Virus is happening in Ghana. The two victims that have died so far did not know each other, and officials believe that this is evidence that “the disease is spreading more widely”

Two people are believed to have died from the extremely deadly Marburg virus in Ghana as officials gear up for a potential outbreak.
The patients, from the country’s southern Ashanti region, were not known to each other, suggesting the disease is spreading more widely.
Initial tests came back positive for the virus and the samples are being reanalysed by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The largest previous outbreak of the disease was in 2005.

During that outbreak, 88 percent of the victims died…

The largest outbreak to date was in Angola in 2005, when 374 caught the virus and 329 died – a fatality rate of 88 percent.
A disease that has a death rate of way less than one percent ended up paralyzing much of the planet for months on end.

So what do you think will happen if the Marburg Virus becomes a true global pandemic?

Needless to say, the panic would be off the charts, and there is no cure and no vaccine

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