Maj Dajing Brajd - tekstovi pesama (My Dying Bride lyrics)


Stara legenda
"De Sade Soliloquay"

Hang over me the drape
Of superfluous Horror
Aside Nocturnal trapping
Wallow in my Art
Crying and dying
My sexual ecstacy

The crimson stream
That flows from you

Magnificent, Supine,
Red heaven gapes at me
Dragged across putrid ground
Mother scorns my glove
A vile red heap
I gorge my selfish dream

Polite garden party
If only they knew

Lick the eyes
To make them shine
Peel the peach
Cold with time

The weight of fantasy
That is not even mine
Smell her wounds
Rich more than wine

The crimson stream
That flows from you


Stara legenda
"The Thrash Of Naked Limbs"

Beauty is fragile, and time eats at it
This passion play
Smothered in effort, The thrash of naked limbs
Glistening skin
Close your eyes, the whispered sighs
Frightening lust
Sweet was her breath, tasted by mine
Words are more effective when concealed
Through the halflight on her body
My fearful hands tremble their way
Take me, anywhere that you like
Hold me, deep within. Do what you like
Take me, anywhere. Warm the night
Take me, take me, take me
With the lights low, and you naked on the warm floor
Me besides you, softly kissing, caressing
Make love to her while she's crying
I could die now, and die happy


Stara legenda
"Gather Me Up Forever"

The pain never stops
The race ignore me
I sit here twisted, and it hurts me
The Son is near
His way made for him
Among the hopes
Ten thousand suffering
Oh how my heart aches
The brilliant stories cascade about me
To be handsome again
Thou art all deformed, and I feel your pain
What I touch with my hand, I touch with my heart
The affection of stillness
Kiss the hand that blesses me
And as the panting ceased
My blood runs now fierce
This when I was young, before I knew nothing
Now I'm the hunted, for the guilt that stains my hands


Stara legenda
"I Am The Bloody Earth"

Lay down with beasts, and welter in my gore
Fill your cups of Christ, I am the bloody earth
Bright, riding in heaven. The player in rags
White Bat is death? Feed it to pigs

Rise to be a king, shining with power
Down silent avenues, I live on

You owe yours to me
Me around your neck
And cry for me
Father please help me

Safe delivery of a handsome child
Merry and sweet looking
My endeavours to rise seem useless
But I will fight the distance between us


Stara legenda
"Crown Of Sympathy (Remix)"

See the light and feel my warm desire
Run through my veins like the evening sun
It will live but no eyes will see it
I'll bless your name before I die

No person in everything can shine
Yet shine you did, for the world to see
All a man hath will he give for life?
For life that's lost bleeds all over me

I'd fallen before but it never hurt like this
Don't leave me here to crawl through the mire
I'm without fault before the throne of god
Take from me the crown of sympathy

What do you think you'll see?
What do you think there will be?
Sit down! Did you see the sun?
What will we become? Great ones?

The mouths that dare not speak his name
Behold them, raised, complete and fine
The battle for our lives is oh, so brief
Take my hand and please walk with me

When I was young the sun did burn my face
I let its love and warmth wash over me
The melting voice of many, in the hush of night
Whispering tongues can poison my honest truth

Come dress me with your body, and comfort me
I dreamt of a dead child in my sleep
I wear a terrible mark in my head
My clean, white bed. It calls to me

I must lie down. and I want you to lay with me, in sympathy
No sad "adieus" on a balcony
For one last time, just walk with me
At the beautiful gate of the temple, we must be saved
For deadened, icy pain, covers all the earth


Stara legenda
"Like Gods Of The Sun"

I live for your fond caresses
Songs you sing to me
Gather me up into your arms
I need no-one just you

You fill me up with dark thoughts of you
The Devil talks to me when you're touching me
My lust it burns, deep inside of you

Together we are as one
We live our lives in passion
Full up with thirst I drink your
Light and beauty for always

Open your arms hold me closely
Never let me fall
Wrapped up in you. Comforting me
I could die here

You fill me up with dark thoughts of you
The Devil talks to me, when you're touching me
My lust it burns, deep inside of you

We burn like Gods of the Sun
Paradise pales compared to you
Never will we be alone
Our world will change for no-one
And as our live are closing
We lie close and hear nothing


Stara legenda
"The Dark Caress"

I hide myself away in the dark
I can't find my way in this hole
This twisted life is so cruel I'm so sick
I need to find her soul to save me

I remember the King
And his Queen I shall never forget
No finer woman had lay before me
Dark and filled with beauty
All it took was one lonely kiss
Her lips, swollen and red
Smothered all over me
I felt faint and without control
And with great thirst, I drank deeply

She gave to me her lust and ecstasy
We kissed just once her life dripped down on me
Even now, in life's closing does she still shine
Woman of mine you'll never close your eyes

So I hide myself away in the dark
And death she bathes with me, in my heart

They'll never see what I've seen
They cannot know, who I've been
The things I've done, they torture me
But I need them, for they are me
Lust in me, you'll dream of me, life
In pitch night I'll be there watching you


Stara legenda
"Grace Unhearing"

Falling, drowning, deeper and forever
Choking, sinking, deeper into this ocean
Screaming, crying for someone to save me
Reaching, hoping, calling to no-one

My only sin
Was to kill a man
Deep was my pain
But I'd do the same again
Beat it out, out of me, cut me up and watch me bleed
Strike me down, cast me out
throw me into the ocean's mouth
My only prayer
Was to a God
Who I don't believe
But all the same, I'm on my knees
Beat it out, out of me, cut me up and watch me bleed
Strike me down, cast me out
Throw me into the Devil's mouth

Bleeding, weeping, calling to no-one
Pleading, alimghty, why can't you hear me

My only sin
Was to kill a man
Deep was my pain
But I'd do the sam again
Beat it out, out of me, cut me up and watch me bleed
Strike me down, cast me out
Throw me into my own mouth

My only prayer
Was to a dying God
Who I don't believe
But all the same, I'm on my knees
Beat it out, out of me, cut me up and watch me bleed
Strike me down, cast me out
Throw me into the my own mouth

Take me away
To a better place
Far from anyone
By myself and leave a gun
Beat it out, out of me, cut me up and watch me bleed
Strike me down, cast me out
Throw me into my Saviour's mouth


Stara legenda
"A Kiss To Remember"

Open me
And drink up my scarlet
Kiss me deep
Kiss me deep and love me forever more
Bloody love
Bloody love inside of you
Swallow me
Thank God, there's nothing I can do

Come with me my friend, come and see the end
And let me swallow up your pain
Leave the village lights, step into the night
Open your mouth to my bloody rain
And at your second birth, we will slay the earth
And stalk mankind 'til Heaven burns
Just lay down for me, naked for me to see
It's just one kiss, that's all I need

Take me down
Down to the bloody shore
Dig me deep, dig me deep
And leave me forever more
Lay me down
Down with all of them
And forget me
Like you forgot the rest of them

Poljubac za pamćenje

Otvori me
Popij moju krv
Poljubi me duboko
Poljubi me duboko i voli me zauvek
Krvava ljubav
Krvava ljubav u tebi
Progutaj me
Hvala Bogu, ne mogu ništa da učinim

Pođi sa mnom, prijatelju, pođi sa mnom i vidi kraj
Dopusti da progutam sav tvoj bol
Ostavi za sobom seoska svetla i zakoraci u noć
Otvori svoja usta mojoj krvavoj kiši
Na tvom drugom rođenju, ubićemo zemlju
Porganjaćemo čovečanstvo dok se nebo ne zapali
Samo lezi, za mene, gola, da vidim
To je samo jedan poljubac, to je sve sto mi treba

Odvedi me
Odvedi me do krvave obale
Zakopaj me duboko, zakopaj me duboko
I ostavi me zauvek
Položi me
Dole, sa njima
I zaboravi me
Kao što si i njih


Stara legenda
"All Swept Away"

Sickness often, often attends me. I'm ruled by pain
Tortured memories burning my brain. Oh make it end
Killed for nothing. Killed by no-one. I was just a boy
Weak and lonely, cold and bloody. Give me a hand

Cared by many, but I know none. My life has gone
Rage and anger tearing through me. Who's God will pay?

Made me fight for you. Made me die for you
You and your sick God. You hope to be loved
We're all swept away, so you can have your day
On blooded knees for you. Heaven calls to you

But I won't die without
Without your heart
In my hand


Stara legenda
"For You"

I will be here for you
All I want is you
When I see your face
All the Angels are shamed

Lay with me beauty
Feel me close to you
Take my hand to you
Touch you softly. Your warm skin

Cover me with you
Over me under you
Pull me in to you
As one we lay entwined

All I ever wanted
I have, I need never wish again
You are heaven sent

All I ever wanted
You are, you are heaven sent

Za tebe

Ja ću biti ovde za tebe
sve što želim si ti
Kada vidim tvoje lice
Svi Anđeli bivaju posramljeni

Lezi sa mnom lepotice
Oseti me kraj sebe
Primi moju ruku
što te nežno dodiruje. Tvoju toplu kožu.

Pokrij me sa sobom
nadamnom ispod tebe,
Povuci me u sebe
dok kao jedno ležimo upleteni.

Sve što sam ikada želeo
sada imam, želje mi više nikada neće trebati
Tebe su poslala nebesa.


Stara legenda
"Here In The Throat"

I need him
To wash me of my sin
To take me from this place
To heal me of my wounds
I need him
To clean your mark off me
To wipe you from my eyes
To strike you from my heart
I need him

I know, not what, I do or say
But I, do what, I say and believe

You need him
To take you from this place
To heal you from your wounds
You need him
To clean my mark off you
To wipe me from your eyes
To strike me from your heart
You need him

You are, nothing to me, anymore
I hope, I mean, nothing to you

I want a place to hide, somewhere far from your side
There is no stopping you, there's nothing you won't do
You're killing for your God, the stench that you have trod
The world is black to you, until you slay me too

I'm wasted under you, I meant nothing at all
Thank God I wasted you, no longer will I fall

I will live again
your grasp on me has gone
your downfall and your end
At last my peace has come

Before I end let me tell you
Never lay down for anyone at all


Stara legenda
"For My Fallen Angel"

As I draw up my breath,
And silver fills my eyes.
I kiss her still,
For she will never rise.

On my weak body,
Lays her dying hand.
Through those meadows of Heaven,
Where we ran.

Like a thief in the night,
The wind blows so light.
It wars with my tears,
That won't dry for many years.

"Loves golden arrow
At her should have fled,
And not Deaths ebon dart
To strike her dead."

Za mog palog anđela

Dok zadržavam svoj dah,
i srebro puni moje oči,
mirno je ljubim,
jer ona više neće ustati.

Na mom slabom telu,
leži njena ruka koja umire.
Kroz ove rajske livade
gde smo trčali.

Kao lopov u noći,
vetar duva tako nežno,
ratuje sa mojim suzama
koje se dugo godina neće obrisati.

Zlatna strela ljubavi
nju je trebala da pogodi,
A ne crna strela smrti
da je ubije."


Stara legenda
"The Whore, The Cook And The Mother"

Tell me that I'm a sinner
Lay me down again
I need a soft flesh bed
My lust must be fed
Lay your hands on me
Lay your perfect hands on me
You know exactly what I want
So open wide
Take me now I'm yours
Lay me down again
Your heat rips through me
Your hands rip my skin
Deep inside your love
You're screaming for me again
My seed is passed to you
We are now one
To you. I'll only give it to you
(But only if you're there)
Only you. There's no-one else for me
(Until something better comes)
Be mine. Be mine forever more
(Until I'm ******* sick of you)

[reversed speech:]
How old are you?
Tell me what you remember about your first few birthdays?
How tall was your mother?
I said. How tall was your mother?
What colour was her favourite dress?
Did you have any pets when you were a child?
You see a women stripping on a television in a shop window. Do you stay and see what happens or do you continue walking?
If a blind man drops some money in the street do you pick it up and give it back to him or keep it for yourself?
You're driving in your car and suddenly a cat runs out right in front of you and you accidentally hit it. You're in no hurry to get anywhere and the poor animal is screaming in pain but you don't bother to stop and help it. How do you feel?


Stara legenda
"The Stance Of Evander Sinque"

He was a poor man, though he was genius
Would they listen to this crazy man
Would they help him to his end
He was a tall man, pale skin and broken back
And no-one knew him, though he was genius
They feared him, locked him away
And in silence would he pray

He lived alone, though many voices spoke
He found peace, in his own little world
So they beat him, to his end
He lays forgotten
Dead skin and broken neck
And no-one knew him
Though he was genius

Who was he, that crazy man
Just a loser, to the end


Stara legenda
"Der Uberlebende"

Lay me by the fire
I'm alive and I'm bleeding for everyone
Pull me from this mire
Hold me till I'm home
I believe in all of me
So I'll always live on
I have seen them
I have watched them all fall
I have been them
I have watched myself crawl
But I'm alive
And I'll be singing for everyone
Did you see them
Did you watch us all fall
Did you save them
No you watched as we died
Will you believe in me
Because sometimes we never die


Stara legenda
"Heroin Chic"

Falling flat, falling on my face
Up yours you ******* basket case
Come on, come on, take a shot
Kick me, kicking you, kick the lot

Talk to you with a frightening blade
Hear me stalk through the 6th ******* grade
Ear wax clogging up your head
Maybe you're dumb, maybe you wanna be dead

Take a ride through a city tonight
Or we can stay here smoking shite

Fear grabs like a falling man
Unforgiving is its choking hand
Come on, come on if you've got the guts
Kill me now cause I don't give a ****
in, out, baby I don't mind. Nice cunt. Nice behind
Groping around like a stupid kid

Bastards ******* everywhere
It's all I see, I can't help but stare
Talking crap and looking like a twat
See the blade. Feel the blade in your back

This night. This night is hot
Hope it rains. Hope it rains a lot
Everywhere suckers stop and stare

******* city's just a ******* mess
Up to its neck in ******* piss
Children playing with broken glass
Kill themselves for a laugh

Tired of being sold as meat
Whores give up beating on my meat
Actually, you know, I don't really mind
Too many scabs. Flesh is hard to find

Crime is here. Here to stay
Under pressure to admit you're gay
No money. No love. No luck
Tough shit, stupid, worthless ****
Say you will. Say you won't. Say wou will

Shit and scum. ******* pigs everywhere
Harassing me but I don't ******* care
I'm not free. They're always tying me down
Taking me. Taking me down town

Bitches. Yeah, I fucked my share
And their mothers cause I don't care
Say you will. Say you won't. Say you will
Talking shit. You want it up the hilt
Always feeling sick and always drunk
Raining at last, thank Christ you cunt
Do me now with your heroin chic
Say nothing more. Do not ******* speak

Calmly walk from slut to slut
Up everyone. You know I don't mind a ****
No protection baby, who ******* cares
Take a look. Come on. Everyone stare

Life for life is just the way its at
I don't remember last time I laughed
Call my woman but she's never home
Killed everyone to use this ******* phone
Eye for an eye and all that shit
Rip you off cause I need a hit


Stara legenda
"Apocalypse Woman"

I am a victim of his endless faith
He is a killer
She gives suffering
She is a walking tall saint
I am your stalking cruel fate
He licks the face of your son for nothing
He's coming closer
She shows her fear
But she will seduce him
She gives suffering
I am a hopeless witness
He is the falling worlds tears
He knows the way to our heartland
She's coming
Through my short life I've been given no reasons
I've looked but all I found was treason
I've become lifeless so I'm taking you with me
Why should I suffer for my gods own misery
Kindness is always going to evade me
Ill will is all I want you to see
Life is a war that you must win outright
Leave nothing standing in a show of your might
Draw upon him my sighing breath
And I will love him to my wicked death
There is a song they sing her
A sad war like murmur
She leaves the crying with nothing
Then takes that too
Now I'm a killer, and I have no faith
You play the victim as I come for you
We're all the same little losers
But we fight like hell
So come on, drop your guard now
I'm coming through


Stara legenda
"Base Level Erotica"

What do you see
What do you see when eyes are closed
What do you feel
What do you feel when she's below
Who do you want
Who do you want her to be. A star
What do you see
What do you see when eyes flick open
Take her clothes off
Down to the bone now
She's looking dirty
She's taking you, you're losing control
You're going down
You're lying naked
You're underneath now
And looking dirty
You're taking her and you're going down
Tasting her, tasting you
You feel like the god of all love
Young women fall and die at your feet
One by one you will savage them all
She licks you hard
She will swallow it all
She'll suck you dry
And beg for more
And then want more
The heat is on and you're dripping wet
On the floor


Stara legenda
"Under Your Wings And Into Your Arms"

I need to see a sign
Will you take me away?
They come. They go. Will you stay here?
I need to see a sign

You need me
Who wants more?
I need him
to find my way

Be there now
Feel them
Be my call

I'll be the one
I'll lose the fight
You sing the songs
Of one hundred nights

Bring them to me
Because I know I'm right
and I will take them all away
Never to be seen again

I'll take them to the sea
Leave it all to me
because I'm feverish, devilish and irrelevant

You need me
I want you
I need, I need, I need, I need
Are you there with me?

Be there now
Feel me now
All my world


Stara legenda

Looking across the way, she yells out loud
Got no time today, I'm still stuck in this crowd
Pushing them from my face, she isn't far behind
I'll win this human race if I obey the signs

Throw my hands in the air
I'm ******* mad, no one cares
I'd kill them all without a thought
Take a bow when I get caught

She's closer now, just a throw away
I cannot slow, I cannot stay
She screams to me, one last chance
I stumble 'round and catch a glance


Stara legenda
"She Is The Dark"

A cruel sleep 'cross our land
All withered and dying
As they fall, the victims
They're dying a sad death
In our land, we lay down
And suffer again

A dark girl 'cross our land
Is pacing. Is preying
And with her, a fever
A marching black fever
No eyes see. No features
Just black form, suffering

You have her sympathy
You have her tears
She tries only to take
All your fears
The pain she feels
When she drinks your soul
Is hers to suffer
It is her toll
Believe me, she's helpless
When she curses our land
When she swallows light
It's not her hand

Poison awaits when you kiss her
Her heart cries out for you, for me
Untold misery is hers to serve
out for eternity
Out cold. Mankind will stay
forevermore if she gets her way
She can't help it. It's her curse
To sing your pain in her own verse

She is the dark
The nightmares you hide
The pain you feel
The suffering inside
Though she was like you
Through her dark past
But now, the conqueror
Her choirs vast
Oh, please forgive her
As mankind dies
As angels weep
And heaven cries


Stara legenda

All are welcome here
To the Eden Feast
Enter if you will
This is Edenbeast

Faces stay hidden
Behind their dark masks
In arms they enter
The Great Hall of Sin
Eden, calls again
For sick minds. For me

Inside there. All laid bare
Take your pick. Devour now

Lust clawing at your feet
Desires for you to greet
Every woman a handsome treat
Young seed for you to reap
Anyone that you desire
Leave your faith at the door
Any pleasures you require
Lay all around, upon the floor
Some call this blasphemy
And try to end it all
They question our sanity
And preach Christliars' call

"Seat yourself young man
Do you see them feed?
As the feast goes on,
Do you feel their greed?"

It's my fear that tears me down
But this night we'll have no tears
I want you. Beautiful gown
Take my hand. We'll have no tears
Kiss me deep. I want you now
In my arms, we'll have no fears

Inside there. All laid bare
Take your pick. Devour now

When you've had your fill
Of poisonous flesh
Leave this place of sin
And watch your back for death


Stara legenda
"The Night He Died"

I clasp her dying body to bloody mine
The essential nature of her was so fine
With torn garments she lays in my arms

Womanly graces laid bare
No dignity
Cast aside like nothing at all
Torn was she
Shot down and strewn on wasteland
In her prime
Opened up for the world to see
Oh, the love of mine

No more tears for me now
Lose all fears for me now

Should I seek revenge
Or let it lie?
Should I find the one
And let him die?
I wonder what you would do
If it were you

One black, furious midnight
Through howling rain
I descended right upon him
My weeping prey
Kissing him as his life ended
In the rain

Sweet was my revenge
A life for life
I feel no remorse
The night he died
I wonder what you would do
If it was you?

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