Lymphatic Phlegm



Goregrind bend iz Brazila nastao 1996 i jos uvek aktivan, neznam ni zasto ovo pisem,jer niko nece citati poslusacete pesmu i recicete ovo je za ljude sa posebnim potrebama.

Evo jedan tekst pesme:

happens in the way of serval affections and
after abnormal production of harmful ferments by
the basic mechanisms of coagulation, which
dissolute the fibrin and make the clot disappear,
becoming liquid again. Painful hemorrhages occur
in some cases.They are consequent to an operation
of childbirth of miscarriage.A small quanity of
donated blood can make urgent restitution of the
abscent coagulating agent.

i evo pesma :

Lymphatic Phlegm - Congenital Tumour Constituted by Embryonic Tissues and Foetal Residues

Tumor that show presence of rudimentary fragments
of serval tissues.It consists of remnant embryonic
tissue that has developed into aberrant organs.The
most frequent tumors are dermoid cyst of the ovary
and of the testicles well as coccygeal fistula.A
microscopic biopsy is required in other to
establish precise diagnosis.The sort of treatment
will depend upon the charakteristics shown on the
anatomo- pathological exam.Surgical removal of the
tumor may be necessary.