Ko je ovde mrtav?

Ovaj sa knjigom.
Čini mi se da je i @Emilia Marty stavila link, doduše na turskom evo odgovora na engleskom
  • Many people said that the man in option A was dead. Let's question this right away, "Do corpses float in water?". The answer is yes, but it takes at least 1-2 days for the corpse to float in the water. In the first 2 days, the corpse sinks under the water and after the body swells, it rises to the surface of the water. So the answer cannot be person A.
  • When we examine option B, the man puts his hand under his head and shakes his feet in the pool. You can see the vibration in the water in the picture. It is impossible for a corpse to stay in the air with his hand under his head. So the answer cannot be person B.
  • One person remains, let's examine him. You might think the man is asleep, but a sleeping person cannot hold a book underwater like that. Many people have heard of the term dead stiffness. (See explanation below.) Therefore, from the lying position and the ability to keep the book under water, we can assume that this person is dead.