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Firefox 65: Stiže nove verzija "vatrene lisice"


Firefox 65: Stiže nove verzija "vatrene lisice"

Mozilla se sprema da 29. januara objavi Firefox 65, koji se nalazi u beta fazi još od decembra.

Stabilna verzija Firefoxa 65 za Android počela je da se pojavljuje nekoliko dana ranije. Najnovija verzija pregledača će biti dostupna za Windows, Mac i Linux.

Firefox 65 dodaje podršku za WebP image format, koji je kreiran od strane Google-a i trebalo bi da nudi bolju kompresiju od PNG ili JPEG formata, sa istim kvalitetom slike u fajlovima koji su za 25 do 34 procenta manji. Tu je i bolja podrška za AV1 video kodek, sa kompresijom koja je do dva puta efikasnija od H.264.

Google Chrome pregledač već podržava oba formata, dok Microsoft Edge podržava WebP i ima beta podršku za AV1 (preko opcione ekstenzije za browser).

Ostale izmene u Firefox 65 uključuju Handoff on Mac (omogućava nastavak pregleda na iPhone i iPad uređajima tamo gde se stalo na Mac-u), pojednostavljene opcije blokiranja sadržaja, sigurnosna poboljšanja za Linux, Android i Mac korisnike i drugo.



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Добра је Лисица, радо је користим у слободно време као сад ( за посао морам Хроме ) мада не примећујем неку разлику између верзија. Апдејтовах ову нову пре око сат времена.


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Samo Safari druže


Firefox 66 to Automatically Block Auto-Playing Audible Video and Audio

We've got good news if you're tired of hunting down auto-playing video and audio content through your Firefox tabs. Firefox 66 for desktop and Android devices will come with a new feature designed to automatically block audible multimedia content from auto-playing.

According to Mozilla's Chris Pearce, the browser will "only allow a site to play audio or video aloud via the HTMLMediaElement API once a web page has had user interaction to initiate the audio, such as the user clicking on a 'play' button."

This means that starting with Firefox 66, which is scheduled for release on March 19, any audible website resource playback will be considered as an auto-play event if the user has not interacted with the web page via mouse click, printable key press, or a touch event.

However, muted auto-play events will not be blocked, so web developers can still add auto-playing content to websites as long as they don't forget to set the “muted” attribute on HTMLMediaElement to True.

For websites where auto-playing sound and video is expected behavior (e.g., YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo), users will be able to change the “******** sound” permission from the default "Block" setting to "Allow".


Odlicno radi , koristim betu , ovo sam cekao !


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Da ne otvaram novu temu , verzija 67 je dostupna.

Mozilla Firefox 67 Web Browser Officially Released, Here's What's New

Rolling out now to Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms

May 21, 2019 14:12 GMT · By Marius Nestor · Comment ·

Firefox 67 released

Firefox 67 released
After a one-week delay due to a major issue with its add-ons mechanism, Open Source company Mozilla officially released the Firefox 67 cross-platform web browser today for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.
Mozilla Firefox 67 comes with numerous performance improvements and new features to make your Firefox browsing experience better. To improve the overall performance, Mozilla did a few internal changes, such as to lower the priority of the "setTimeout" function during loading of web pages, delayed the component initialization until after Firefox's start up, as well as to suspend unused tabs.
A key feature of the Firefox 67 release, which most users will love, it's a built-in cryptominer blocker, which blocks fingerprinters as well. You can find it in the Custom settings page of the Content Blocking preferences, so if you notice that your Firefox web browser eats too much RAM and CPU, try enabling these functions immediately and restart the web browser.
The Private Browsing mode has been improved as well in this release and it now lets users save passwords for websites, as well as to choose the add-ons they don't want to be included in the private tabs. The keyboard accessibility was also enhanced to make both the toolbar and toolbar overflow menu, including add-ons and downloads panel, fully accessible with the keyboard.
Firefox is now easier to use
With the Firefox 67 release, Mozilla made its popular and open-source web browser easier to use for everyone by implementing a toolbar menu for easy access and more transparency of your Firefox Account, support for pinning tabs from the Page Actions menu in the address bar, as well as the ability to highlight various features, such as Pin Tabs.
Furthermore, it's now easier to access the list of your saved website credentials directly from the main menu and login autocomplete, quickly import web data from other web browsers directly from the File menu, and run different versions (e.g. beta, nightly, and stable) of Firefox side by side by default at the same time.
Among other noteworthy changes included in Firefox 67, we can mention support for the dav1d AV1 higher performance decoder for better and bandwidth friendly video streaming, protection against running older versions of Firefox that may lead to data corruption or crashes, and support for registrations for Google Accounts using the FIDO U2F API.
Support for the new Reiwa era in Japan has been added as well, along with support for Emoji 11.0, support for ARM64 Windows devices in Mozilla's JavaScript compiler, and an improved Pocket experience in Firefox Home. The WebRender feature is now enabled by default for all Windows 10 users that have a computer equipped with an Nvidia graphics card.