Dundja ft. Milica - They


Nisam mogao a da ne podelim ovu pesmu...

Intro (sample Network 76)
Everybody knows things are bad.
All I know is that first u got to get mad!
U got to say Im a human being God damn it!
My life has value!
I want u to get mad!

This song I dedicate to people I call they
I wont say names to me they all same
They are the makers, creators of this planet of the apes
Do as they say or u enemy of the state
No one complains we let them go their way
Well never stop dancing to the music they play
They own us control us like a video game
They wash the money cuz they already washed our brains
They can make us, they can break us,
They educate us and entertain us,
They are the top players that pay us
Thats why we suck up thats why we lick their anus
This is the wakeup call people
Yes we are, but they dont want us to be equal
It would be all good if they didnt spread the evil
Dont know bout u, but to live my life I dont need em!!!

Ref: Milica
They can make us see what they want us to,
And make us believe what they want us to,
Even make us be what they want to
I dont know about you, but I will never do what they want me to!
All I got is this one life so
till the day I die, I wont stop fighting for
All I believe is right and wrong
No! You will never have me in control!

Money makes the world go round
But hey when u on top, only way u can go is down
They cant hold me now, u better join me now,
Together we can show this clowns they cant hold us down!
They are the criminals that will never get convicted
Hey they made prisons thats why they never in it
So they will never pay for the crimes they committed
Would do the same if u was in their position?!
I see u thinking and I see a smile on your face
U like the fact the world is becoming United States
So lets fight wars, its better than fighting aids
Global warming is a joke, the world is a cold place
If we are all human, why do they treat us like animals
design chemicals to kill us and then blame the Mexicans
do u think nuclear bombs are made by accident?!
they dont care about us, they prepare us for the exodus!

They decide about our future by flipping a coin
They let their boys die, cuz of oil on someone elses soil!
Ive lost the patience, theyve reached my boiling point
thats why Im raising my voice, thats why Im making the noise
the new world order, Im a souldier!
until the day I will survive this torture!
But I will never be a part this zeitgeist!
I fight, this is my world, this is my life!

Take everything that u want from me
But let me be what I want to be
And all I want to be is free so please

Let me live my life! (2x)

Ref: repeat
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