Corona Virus


What do you think when will this pandemic ends ?
Situation About your respective country?
Now that it started, and had a place to grow, I guess it will never end. I just can't see the end. No matter if we believe or not.
There are individuals who had natural reactions at first, but now-they just adapted somehow and accepted that there might have been something in the air that was still free for all people in the past, but just around the corner they realized that ''something in the air'' will never be free of charge again.
We already have facemasks supplies at homes, we are ready for any decisions from above... But I can't oversee the fact that in the process we still didn't have to worry about toilet paper, food, water, and so on.
In some parts of the world, people are in a state of war, natural disasters and so many other things... they live with COVID19 and the dangers of losing their lives from either one or the other.
We are a bit lucky and very ungrateful.
I guess when you have it all, you strive for more, and when you are deprived of essential human rights, you are left with only one option:
Plead to God to have mercy on everyone.


When the world was smaller and darker, people used to show more affection and empathy. Somehow, we reached a point of simply not caring, we let someone else to care instead...
While having fridges and shelves full, all imaginable resources available, schools maximizing their functions in times given, supermarkets supplied with anything we can wish for, and jobs modified as per circumstances mostly-the biggest issue is how to endure putting that shi* over your mouth.

Optimus Prime

Buduća legenda
In my opinion, the situation in Serbia is not dramatic.

It is known that coronaviruses start in December, which has been proven because an epidemic started in China in December.

The end of the pandemic will probably be in 2-4 months.
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