Beograd - the most charismatic city on Danube river


Love greetings from Slovakia :-)
I do apologize for using English language. I have started to learn serbian language last year in november only, I understand it well now, but I am not sure in written form yet :-)
Last year I have had opportunity to visit your country and especially city of Beograde and my impressions were such strong and possitive that I fall in love with Serbia.
Would like to use this way to find some friends for e-mail correspondence whoes could help me to uncover beauties of your city and it´s inhabitants and help me to understand serbian language much better, too.
I am 31 years old and I am interesting in everything what the live can bring us :-)
If somebody would reply to me, pls write in serbian language :-)
Thanks in advance, mnogo pozdrava svima

krompir 2.1.

Buduća legenda
Hi everybody, many thanks for your welcome and links. I have checked it carrefully, it seems to be take a lot of time to visit all such nice places :-) Do you have any special area in Beograde which you could recommend to me? Maybe something what is maybe not interesting for turists but for Beogradans have some special significance? :-) Hvala lepo

wellcome Slovakia :D
it will take about one nice life.
my englis is very poor but (spoken it very understanduble) ;)
you are wellcome any time on this pages


Hi Yioim, thanks for your welcome , you english is quite good, I think :-). But for me it is no problem to understand serbian language - it is also one reason why I am visiting this forum :-). Regarding your "it will take about one nice life" - I am absolutely sure your are right. It is my dream to be able to find some job in Belegrade and spend part /maybe all/ of my live in Serbia. I have visited a lot of countries and cities, but no other grown to my heard so much as Beograde. The fact is that I didn´t meet in my live such kind, friendly and helpful people like you, Serbians, are. Znam, sta kazem :-) Mnogo pozdrava
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