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An American story
Tue, 27 Nov 2007 21:24:31
By Hedieh Ghavidel, Press TV, Tehran

Dear Americans, PLEASE, don't stop to think!

Yes, Iran is after a nuclear bomb that is why the IAEA has released a report saying Tehran has been truthful about its nuclear activities. And of course the US government is against nuclear bombs and would never think of using them. Ask any Japanese about Hiroshima and Nagasaki and they will tell you all about it.

Nuclear weapons are bad. Nuclear technology is very bad; of course it depends on who has them and who uses it.

'No country' should have nuclear technology. 'No country' is Iran. The rest of the world does not fall under the 'no country' category.

It's absolutely fine, however, for India and Pakistan to have nuclear technology as much as it is necessary for France and China to sign the biggest nuclear deal in history. But 'no country' should be stopped before it can use nuclear technology to generate electricity.

What does NPT mean anyway? If Israelis don't want to sign such a treaty, why should they be forced to? How could one imagine the Israelis are after nukes?

How would IAEA inspectors know? They have never even seen an Israeli nuclear plant in the first place? Israel isn't an NPT member, so IAEA inspectors are not allowed to visit its nuclear facilities.

The innocent Israelis probably don't even know what a 'nuke' is and they are not considered 'no country' either, so there is no reason to worry.

There is no doubt the US government is after 'PEACE' that is why they are hosting a 'peace conference' on the Israel-Palestine conflict without the presence of the representative of the Palestinian nation. How would Palestinians know what is in their best interest? How could they have any clue about what they want?

History has shown wise Americans should be allowed to impose their will on such inferior races, just as their forefathers laid the foundation of the US government on ethnic cleansing.

However, America is currently only concerned with humanitarian acts; therefore, it supports Israeli leaders who are patiently seeing to the cleansing of Palestine of all its original inhabitants.

American rulers take 'Global Peace' very seriously why else would they start an arms race in the Middle East? Serving two purposes at the same time, filling their pockets will oil dollar and threatening their arch enemy Iran.

Iranians are an uncultured race. They do not know the first thing about ethics. That is why their President accepted an invitation to speak at Columbia University, listened to the host insulting him and smiled while delivering his speech without insulting the host in return.

Iranians are violent people. They have traveled all the way across the world to invade the US' neighboring countries, Canada and Mexico, and constantly accuse Washington of helping terrorists kill their troops. Shame on them!

Tehran doesn't really want to see security in Iraq; that is why even though all relations with Washington were severed in 1979, Iran recently negotiated with compassionate Americans three times.

President Bush, America's role model of compassion, could not tolerate the gradually declining US economy, so he gave young Americans a window of opportunity, a chance to experience the American dream first hand in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the 'boys' get paid to willingly die and open up spots for new recruitment.

It is only fair to allow jobless young men to serve their country in a foreign land, kill and violate a couple of civilians and eventually become one of the faithfully departed. No one should miss out on this 'once in a life time' experience.

The American government is a model for all. It not only provides its youth with well-paid jobs, but also exports made-in-the-USA democracy to less privileged nations without using unconventional weapons.

Most American soldiers who return home ill from radiation exposure have not sustained a battle injury. God's will is what defects children, whether they are American or Iraqi, for the US has never used DU weapons in Iraq. Even if they have, such weapons blessed by Washington only have redeeming qualities.

But of course, Americans need not stop to think they simply turn on the TV and believe.

Zatvorena za pisanje odgovora.

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