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It seems that Syria does have serious "nuclear troubles." If earlier the country was blamed for the secret development of a nuclear program by Israel alone, now the Americans have joined these charges. The Washington Institute for Science and National Security (ISIS) has recently published a series of photographs made from spy satellites that captured strange building in Syria. In this regard, U.S. experts do not rule out the fact that they are secret nuclear facilities.

In particular it concerns an object located at a military base near the town of Marj al-Sultan. According to the American side, it was intended to be used for the enrichment of uranium from a special concentrate called "yellow cake." From there, Syrians allegedly planned to deliver the ready raw material to the reactor at Al Kibar (Dair al-Zure) destroyed by Israeli aircraft in September of 2007. According to the intelligence services of the Jewish state, North Korean experts helped the Syrians to build the reactor. Some of them were killed during the Israeli strike.

Yet, there is more to it. In addition to Marj al-Sultan, two more nuclear facilities meant to serve the needs of Al-Kibar were identified in Syria. It is worth mentioning that earlier Damascus has flatly refused to let IAEA inspectors on its territory to verify reports that Syria was developing its own nuclear program.

Certainly, this has caused further suspicions about the true intentions of the Assad regime. With regard to the Syrian-North Korean relations, in the last 15 years they have evolved incrementally. The Syrians regularly visit North Korea stopping by the DPRK's nuclear facilities.


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