9 9 9 (09 09 2009)

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Zainteresovan član
This coming September 9, 2009, is the 252nd day of the year, 252 adds to 9, and 09-09-09 = 27.

09-09-09 is also the last of the single-digits dates for quite a while - 92 years to be precise.

It is also the upside-down number of "the beast" - satan = 666, of course.

The day itself falls on a Wednesday and both Wednesday & September have 9 letters.

Šta mislite o ovome? zanimljivo :think:
ovo je neki dan 9
mozda ce kraj sveta..

vrlo verovatno :cool:
jos u spisima starih asunacijanaca stajalo je da ce svet postojati do 9-9-2009. maje su ih bas zbog toga istrebile smatrajuci da ce svet postojati do 21-12-2012. asunacijanci su spise dobili na poklon od drakona koji ce se sutra predstaviti planeti kao ultimativni vladari da svim svetskim televizijama. dakle sedite ispred tv-a sutra ujitru u 09:09.
malo sam cackala stare teorije o smaku sveta i naisla sam na 1999 godinu, izuzetno popularnu za razna previdjanja posebno vezano za brojeve.
1999-SEP: Stefan Paulus author of "Nostradamus 1999," (Llewellyn, 1999) announced that he has decoded the final prophecies of Nostradamus. He believed that in 1999-SEP, a meteor was to hit earth, causing immense tidal waves, earthquakes, hurricanes, clouds of dust and sea salt, bad weather, political unrest, and famine. The Anti-Christ, an Islamic dictator, was to declare war on Western countries. In 2002 CE, World War III will begin. By the year 2030, only one third of the world's population will remain alive.

1999-SEP: Shoko Asahara, leader of the Aum Shinri Kyo destructive cult, predicted that Armageddon will happen during this month.

1999-SEP-9: This is a date represented by 9/9/99. "9999" has been used in some computer programs to terminate programs. Thomas Chase 5 predicted that this version of the Y2K bug would cause a worldwide electrical failure. This would cause worldwide disaster and chaos. This, and a more serious manifestation of the Y2K bug at year end will trigger a world economic depression, and bring on the Antichrist.