50 thingz


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50 ThingZ You Sh0ulD n3v3r saY t0 a SerbianS

1. What's Serbia?
2. Albania, Serbia, same shit.
3. Nice Mercedes, my car is better.
4. Nikola Tesla was croatian.
5. Hi, I'm croatian.
6. We did it to Iraq, we can do it to you.
7. You just a bunch of Russians acting like Greeks.
8. Kosovo should be an independent state.
9. Hi, I'm from Albania.
10. I thought you guys were white people.
11. Where's Serbia?
12. Is that in the Middle East?
13. Stop sleeping in the middle of the day like stoners.
14. I like your grandma's bandada, what clique she roll wit' homie.
15. The music sounds Arab to me.
16. This Turkish coffee tastes like shit.
17. Hell yea I was staring at your daughter..
18. Your wife too.
19. What do you mean I have to buy you guys drinks for my birthday.
20. Stop drinking all my liquor, you got kids to drive back home.
21. It's 12:30 am and you wanna throw a party?
22. You guys dance a lot like Jewish people at weddings?
23. I'm more wasted than you.
24. You wanna whoop my ass because all the girls are coming on to me?
25. Your son said he was Italian?
26. Why do I have to pay for gas, its your car.
27. Stop talking in that funny language.
28. The place you dance and get drunk in is connected with your church?!?!
29. You got some bushy eyebrows.
30. Its allllllmooossst a unibrow.
31. You guys are lovely singers when you're all drunk.
32. Close your shirt up dude, no one needs to look at your hairy chest.
33. You wear too much cologne.
34. The UN keeps world peace.
35. Your son is gay.
36. Damn look at that girl she is fiiinnee, oh thats your sister?
37. You did not build that house by yourself, ok.
38. Wait, why is there a picture of you when you were little smoking a cigarette?
39. The US takes care of your ass over there.
40. I saw your daughter with an albanian.
41. Wow, so do you like, speak Siberian??
42. Its 4:00 a.m. and you're getting drunk at the church hall?
43. That singer looks like a porn star, is she famous?
44. What kind of name is Ceca?!
45. "Thomas Edison...blah blah blah."
46. That dudes party was waay better than yours.
47. Can you teach me how to swear, oh please, pretty please?..(5 min later walking down in public)..."*****, *****, jebi se..."
48. Wow, heavy accent.
49. You look Mexican from a distance.
50. ...and from up close.
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