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    Kako u gotov DVD ubaciti titl? Znaci imam film, al prevod...

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    Hello all, I have just released a brand new guide on how to add subtitles to a DVD.
    So here it is:

    ************************************************** ***************
    Watch now the MOVIE TUTORIAL on How to Add Subtitles to a DVD using DVD-lab PRO !
    ************************************************** ***************

    DVD Subtitle Guide using DVD-lab PRO

    ***3 Steps Guide***

    This guide brings new things, like support for SRT and SUB subtitles or SSA, SON and SST.
    And more easy on use by the beginers on DVD Authoring world.
    I must to thank all the users on my forum for supporting me and understanding me.
    Please join my forum for more support and if you need help, ofcourse ;-)

    Software used:

    1. DVD Decrypter - (for demuxing video, audio, subtitles and chapters form the DVD)
    2. DVD-lab PRO - (for multiplexing video, audio and subtitles)
    3. Ifo Update - (for updating the original IFO fles, let them know about the new info in the VOB files)

    Create 3 folders on a partition with more then 20 Gb of free space. NTFS partition is needed for DVD movies over 4 Gb.

    STEP 1 - DVD Decrypter

    a). Insert in the DVD-ROM the disc on which you want to add a subtitle. If you have an DVD Image on the HardDrive mount it first with Daemon Tools. Open DVD Decrypter, go to Tools menu and then press "Settings" and after that press "IFO Mode" tab and set the parameters like in the image below.

    After you have set everything as in the image above, press OK and go to "Mode" menu and select "IFO I".In this moment the software will automatically choose the main film in order to demux it.

    b). In the right side, press "Stream Processing " tab and check "Enable Stream Processing" and at the bottom of the window select "Demux" like in the image below.

    Now select all the lines in the Stream Processing window, one by one, (ONLY THE ONES YOU WANT OR NEED) and select for each one the Demux option.

    c). Select the files destination, in our case "Demuxed DVD" . Press the button

    and the program will start its work. After it finishes, close DVD Decrypter.

    STEP 2 - Multiplexing video, audio and subtitles with DVD-lab PRO.

    a). Open DVD-lab PRO and on the window that appears select like in the image below, the option "Simple (Movie Only)". Don't forget to chose the NTSC or PAL option as is your original DVD movie and hit OK.

    b). In the lower left part of the screen, in the big white section, right click and chose "Import..." and import one by one, your VIDEO file and AUDIO file(s).

    c.) Right click one by one the each line in the big white section where you just imported the video and audio files, and chose "Insert to Project...".

    The Video and Audio will be automaticaly inserted on the MOVIE 1 window (right upper part of the screen).

    d). Right click on the Chapters section (right above the Video section) in the MOVIE 1 zone and go to Chapters->Import Chapters...
    A windows will appear, just hit "Proceed" button and the chapters will be imported automaticaly to the movie. (Hit OK to all the windows that appear).

    e). Double click the Sub 1 line and a new window will appear.
    First you must chose the subtitle language...

    Second you must click on the Import button and open the subtitle file (you have 5 formats to chose from: SUB, SRT, SSA, SON, SST).


    1. You can chose the font color (White or Yellow).
    2. You can chose the font face. (I suggest using a Arial font face).
    3. You can chose the font size. (I suggest using a 22 size font).
    4. You can chose the font style. (I suggest using Thick Outline style).

    If you have an NTSC disc I suggest to check the "From DF source" option for perfect syncronization. (You can do some test yourself and see if you have perfect syncronization).

    You can view the changes in the Preview window !
    After your are done hit the "Generate Subtitle Stream" button and wait for the process to finish...it will automaticaly return to the main window after it's done.

    Now you can see your subtitle line added automaticaly.
    If you want a subtitle to appear automaticaly on the movie when you start the movie, just select the "Set this Subtitle always ON by default" option.

    f). Go to "Project" -> Compile DVD...

    In the window that will appear chose the path to the Final DVD folder and hit Start.
    Wait untill the whole process finishes. About 15-20 minutes on a AMD 2.0 Ghz machine with 512 DDR.

    STEP 3 - Update the original IFO files.

    a). Copy from the DVD-ROM in "Original DVD" folder all the files of the disc with DVD Decrypter in File Mode.

    WARNING ! - Before moving the *.vob files over the original ones rename them (e g: let's suppose that on the original disc the movie is situated in the VTS_03_1.VOB, VTS_03_2.VOB, VTS_03_3.VOB etc... files . You will have to rename the VOB files from the "Final DVD" folder to their original names.)

    b). Select the main movie *.VOB files from the "Final DVD" folder (ex " VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.V OB, VTS_01_3.VOB, VTS_01_4.VOB etc) that contain the movie, !ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE CORRECTLY RENAMED THEM!, and move them (Cut and Paste) in the "Original DVD" folder overwriting the old ones .

    c). Open IfoUpdate and go to "Options" menu and select as in the image below.

    d). Now you will have to insert the IFO files.
    - On "Original IFO Path" choose the corresponding IFO file from "Original DVD" folder (eg:if the movie is situated in the VTS_03_1.VOB, VTS_03_2.VOB, VTS_03_3.VOB etc files, you will have to open VTS_03_0.IFO in IfoUpdate)
    - On "Authored IFO Path" choose from "Final DVD" folder VTS_01_0.IFO file.
    - On "Backup IFO Path" choose where to save a backup of the original file just in case you make a mistake. Press "Update IFO" and 2 windows will appear and click OK.

    Now the new DVD with your prefered subtitle is ready for burning on a DVD±R/DVD±RW.

    Guide made by TheMatrix

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