Our critically acclaimed world journal is looking for new unpublished
translations of poetry from the Balkan area.
Visions-International has just completed 25 years of publishing poetry
from all over the world. We regularly publish poetry from the Balkans
and have done several special issues/collections from that area,
including a special collection of poetry from all the Balkan nations
in 1995, and special issues on Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia. Most
issues contain at least a few modern poems from the Balkans.

Translators can submit their work via e-mail to the editor Prof.
Bradley R. Strahan at: bradstrahan@yahoo.com, or by regular mail, with
IRC or e-mail address for reply, to VISIONS-INTERNATIONAL, 3503
Ferguson Lane, Austin, Texas 78754, U.S.A..

All submitted poetry should not have been previously published in
English translation and not submited elsewhere.

Thank you for your interest.

Sincerely, Bradley R. Strahan