MOBILedit! is a unique modular program which allows you to control your mobile phone from the PC via Bluetooth, infrared or cable. You can easily copy photos from your phone or upload your favorite ringtones, logos, MP3's and transfer documents too. You can dial, send SMS's, receive calls, organize contacts, play games and much more. With a simple click, backup all your data, copy them to different mobile phones and manipulate your contacts without even touching the phone. When you receive an SMS, it arrives on your PC in a similar way as an email; simply reply to it or move the SMS to the archive. You will become much more productive as a result. MOBILedit! is designed as an operating system, you can enhance its functionality by adding new plug-in applications and drivers. Here are some key features of "MOBILedit": � unique open architecture with phone drivers and installable applications � communication via infrared, Bluetooth or cable � large quantity of mobile phones supported (virtually all) � file system enabling work with multi-media files stored in a phone like ringtones, photos, MP3's, themes, and java applications � a powerful editor for phonebooks stored in phones or SIM cards � search and dial directly from your computer phonebook quickly � send SMS messages quickly from your PC � sort, read, and archive your SMS messages on your hard drive � archive and AutoBack-up will protect your data in case you lose your phone � play games like Chess, Backgammon and many others on your PC through your mobile phone � all mobile phone functions will be possible to control, even those yet to be developed � powerful printing � skinnable design; new look on the net � complete MS Outlook support Changes in Version 1.97: � beta version of MMS plugin has been included (works with Nokia 6230, 3200, 6610i only) � MOBILedit! remembers sound scheme settings � other minor bug fixes � 2 new sound schemes has been created by our professional composer