Jao,ljudi,pomagajte...Treba da prepricam usmeno ovaj dole tekst na engleskom.Da li bi neko mooolim Vas mogao da mi preprica ukratko u Past Simspu,da bude tacno gramaticki?Procitajte tekst da znate o cemu se radi.Ne morate iznositi sve detalje razgovora...Hvala unapred od
Slika 1
MENAGER(u jednom butiku odece)Why are you handig out leaflets outside my shop?
BETH:I am protesting aboaut working conditions for children in developing countries.
MENAGER:I dont sell things that exploit children in my shop!
Slika 2
BOB:Hi,Beth.What are you doing?
BETH:Oh,hello Bob.I am protsting aboaut working conditions for por children in developing counteres.You shouldnt go into this shop.
BOB:Why not?
BETH:The trainers here are made by children who get less than a dollar a day.The menager says stah he doesnt sell things that expolit children in his shop,but it isnt true./
BOB:Well,thats terrible.Here,i will help you.Give me some leaflets.
Slika 3.
BOB:I saw Beth today.She was handing ot leaflets outside Sports Stuff.She said she was protesting about conditions for poor children.
RICH:Yes,she always wants to change the world.
BOB;She said that the trainers there were made by children who got oess than a dollar a day!
RICH:Si,what did you do?
BOB:I said that was terrible and that i would help her.
RICH:I dont know that you were into politics.
BOB:Well,i am not but Beths cool.I really fancy her.
RICH:Yes, i know.Anyway,whats in the bag?
BOB:My new trainers
BOB:Yes,i saw them in the shop window while we were handing out leaflets.So after Beth left,i went in and bought them.....