An international Furniture factory (Romanian - Italian) recently located near Belgrade is looking for a personal assistant for the Manager of the company.
The candidate should be able to support him in the process of getting things started and mainly in the later developments.

Considering the business is just initiated, there are a lot of development possibilities for the person hired now. The payment, terms and the details of the task description are to be discussed at the interview.

There are three main qualities required:

-PR skills, the ability to establish and develop relations, to be able to organize things fast and efficiently (e.g. arranging accommodation, visas, approval papers, able to get to a certain person inside a company etc).

-Thoroughness in daily activities like making reports, placing orders, handling invoices, giving the daily orders for the production.

- Proficient English is being a requirement. An assistant should serve as Serbian-English interpreter, and to help the Manager to learn Serbian. Knowledge of Italian can be an advantage.

In the future, the assistant will have only one task of the two (PR or organizing the daily activity), according to the predominant skill.

If you are interested for applying for this position, please send your CV with contacts (preferable photo) on the following address:

Deadline for applications is April 13, 2005.

(Only selected candidates will be called for an interview.)