Shaolin Cowboy is an American comic book series created, co-written (opening dialog in each issue is written by the Wachowski Brothers), and drawn by artist Geof Darrow. The book is published irregularly by Burlyman Entertainment.

The book is about an unnamed former Shaolin monk who wanders the land with a talking mule named Lord Evelyn Dunkirk Winniferd Esq. the Third. Having been "asked" to leave the Shaolin temple, he has since had a bounty placed on his head, which many are eager to collect. Given the Shaolin Cowboy's prowess in martial arts, however, this will be very difficult.

Taking place in an unspecified time setting (as the first issue notes, "the day after yesterday and a week before tomorrow"), the book features extremely detailed artwork and equally violent and absurd action scenes; in one, the main character battles a giant shark with a human head in its mouth using two chainsaws tied on the ends of a long stick -- which all takes place in the canalization in the stomach of a lizard, on whose back a city is located.

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