Night time, see the castles burning
Smoke in the skies and tears in their eyes
As the world keeps turning
Sleep now, hear a distant thunder
It's far away, at least for today
Close your eyes and wonder

Spring turns so quickly to summer
Summer so quickly to fall
It seemed far away, or it was yesterday
When the time didn't matter at all
And then you met your winter
While dancing with her daughters
Till tired and cold
Were much wiser than bold
You wait for tomorrow to call

I'm searching trough the haze that's driting trough my mind
Stare in the looking glass and wonder who I'll find
No one would listen to a man upon the water
Until they were old and their mountains of gold couldn't buy anymore time

All of your life you have waited alone for a Savior
He's not coming
A carousel horse, who is constantly lost
Standing still but always running
And all of those things that you needed so bad
You have found they mean nothing
And oh lord, I'm coming home

Tromsø-Norge,August 2004
THE OATH-Christian Ekkeråt