Kako se ukucaju sifre u Kotoru
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Tema: Kako se ukucaju sifre u Kotoru

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    Moze li mi neko reci kako da ukucam sifre u kotoru

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    Elita Papa Smurf (avatar)
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    Najcesce tako sto tokom igre pritisnes tildu...
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    Vrlo lako,potrazi na google-u.Vecini igara je dovljno samo enter i onda se pojavi text box u koji napises shifru,u drugima moras neki drugi taster da pritisnes da bi se aktivirao tekst box.

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    Moras da editujes fajl swkotor.ini u folderu igre sa Notepad-om i pod GameOptions da ubacis sledecu komandu: EnableCheats=1
    Posle pokreni igru i pritisni tipku iznad Tab tipke (tildu) i kucaj sifre!
    "Kome zakon lezi u topuzu, tragovi mu smrde necovjestvu"

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    Elita Papa Smurf (avatar)
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    How to use Cheats in KotOR in 6 easy steps:

    Step 1: Make sure you have read and understood the two posts above!
    • In addition, be aware that using a cheat and then saving your game will mark that saved game, and any subsequent saved games based on that save as having cheated (even if you later turn all cheats off). This does not have any known in-game effects (other than possibly annoying you ).

    Step 2: Find the file named "swkotor.ini".
    • For the Windows version, this file is found in the same directory as the game (you may need to change your settings to see hidden files if you can't find it there).
    • For the Macintosh version, this file is found in the folder "~/Library/Preferences/Knights of the Old Republic" (where "~" is your home folder).

    Step 3: Make a backup copy of the file "swkotor.ini".
    That way if you make a mistake, you can simply revert to your backed-up file.

    Step 4: Edit the file "swkotor.ini" as follows:
    • Open the file in a plain-text editor such as Notepad or TextEdit.
    • Under the section labelled "[Game Options]", add the line "EnableCheats=1" (or if there exists a line that says "EnableCheats=0", change the "0" to a "1").

    Step 5: Save your changes to "swkotor.ini".

    Step 6: When playing KotOR, press "~" to open the console; you can then enter a cheat code.
    • If you are using a non-US keyboard layout, you may need to do some experimenting to find the right key combination to type "~" and open the console.
    • For lists of cheat codes available, please consult one of the FAQs floating about on the Internet (the Google is a powerful ally).
    • A list of spawnable items is in this thread.
    • For cheats that are of the on/off variety, entering the cheat code again turns it off (your saved game will still be marked as having used a cheat, however).
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    Elita Papa Smurf (avatar)
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    g_i_mask01 - Light-scan Visor
    g_i_mask02 - Motion Detection Goggles
    g_i_mask03 - Bothan Perception Visor
    g_i_mask04 - Verpine Ocular Enhancer
    g_i_mask05 - Bothan Sensory Visor
    g_i_mask06 - Vacuum Mask
    g_i_mask07 - Sonic Nullifiers
    g_i_mask08 - Aural Amplifier
    g_i_mask09 - Advanced Aural Amplifier
    g_i_mask10 - Neural Band
    g_i_mask11 - verpine Headband
    g_i_mask12 - Breath Mask
    g_i_mask13 - Teta's Royal Band
    g_i_mask14 - Sith Mask
    g_i_mask15 - Stabilizer Mask
    g_i_mask16 - Interface Band
    g_i_mask17 - Demolitions Sensor
    g_i_mask18 - Combat Sensor
    g_i_mask19 - Stealth Field Enhancer
    g_i_mask20 - Stealth Field Reinforcement
    g_i_mask21 - Interface Visor
    g_i_mask22 - Circlet of Saresh
    g_i_mask23 - Pistol Targeting Optics
    g_i_mask24 - Heavy Targeting Optics

    g_i_implant101 - Cardio Package
    g_i_implant102 - Response Package
    g_i_implant103 - Memory Package
    g_i_implant104 - Done
    g_i_implant201 - Biotech Package
    g_i_implant202 - Retinal Combat Implant
    g_i_implant203 - Nerve Enhancement Package
    g_i_implant204 - The Party Selection Screen Available
    g_i_implant301 - Bavakar Cardio Package
    g_i_implant302 - Bavakar Reflex Enhancement Package
    g_i_implant303 - Bavakar Memory Chip
    g_i_implant304 - Bio-Antidote Package
    g_i_implant305 - Cardio Power System
    g_i_implant306 - Gordulan Reaction System
    g_i_implant307 - Navaradon Regenerator
    g_i_implant308 - Sith Regenerator
    g_i_implant309 - Beemon Package
    g_i_implant310 - Cyber Reaction System
    g1_i_implant301 - Advanced Senseory Implant
    g1_i_implant302 - Advanced Bio-Stabilizer Implant
    g1_i_implant303 - Advanced Combat Implant
    g1_i_implant304 - Advanced Alacrity

    g_i_gauntlet01 - Strength Gauntlet
    g_i_gauntlet02 - Eriadu Strength Gauntlets
    g_i_gauntlet03 - Sith Power Gauntlets
    g_i_gauntlet04 - Stabilizer Gauntlets
    g_i_gauntlet05 - Bothan Machinist Gloves
    g_i_gauntlet06 - Verpine Bond Gauntlets
    g_i_gauntlet07 - Dominator Gauntlets
    g_i_gauntlet08 - Karaken Gauntlets
    g_i_gauntlet09 - Infilitrator Gloves
    g1_i_gauntlet01 - Advanced Stabilizer Gloves

    g_i_belt001 - Cardio Regulator
    g_i_belt002 - Verpine Cardio Regulator
    g_i_belt003 - Adrenaline Amplifier
    g_i_belt004 - Advanced Adrenaline Amplifier
    g_i_belt005 - Nerve Amplifying Belt
    g_i_belt006 - Sound Dampening Stealth Unit
    g_i_belt007 - Advanced Stealth Unit
    g_i_belt008 - Eriadu Stealth Unit
    g_i_belt009 - Calrissian's Utility Belt
    g_i_belt010 - Stealth Field Generator
    g_i_belt011 - Adrenaline Stimulator
    g_i_belt012 - CNS Strength Enhancer
    g_i_belt013 - Electrical Capacitance Charge
    g_i_belt014 - Thermal Shield Generator

    Saber crystals
    g_w_sbrcrstl01 - Rubat Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl02 - Damind Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl03 - Eralam Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl04 - Sapith Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl05 - Nextor Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl06 - Opila Crstal
    g_w_sbrcrstl07 - Jenruax Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl08 - Phond Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl09 - Luxum Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl10 - Firkrann Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl11 - Bondar Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl12 - Sigil Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl13 - Upari Crstal
    g_w_sbrcrstl14 - Blue Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl15 - Yellow Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl16 - Green Crstal
    g_w_sbrcrstl17 - Violet Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl18 - Red Crystal
    g_w_sbrcrstl19 - Solari Crystal

    Light Sabers
    g_w_lghtsbr01 - Blue
    g_w_lghtsbr02 - Red
    g_w_lghtsbr03 - Green
    g_w_lghtsbr04 - Yellow
    g_w_lghtsbr05 - Purple
    g_w_lghtsbr06 - DARTH MALAK's LIGHT SABER
    g1_w_lghtsbr01 - Guardian of the Force
    g1_w_lghtsbr02 - Mantle of the Force

    Short Lightsabers
    g_w_shortsbr01 - Blue
    g_w_shortsbr02 - Red
    g_w_shortsbr03 - Green
    g_w_shortsbr04 - Yellow
    g_w_shortsbr05 - Purple
    g1_w_shortsbr01 - Guardian of the Force
    g1_w_shortsbr02 - Mantle of the Force

    Double Lightsabers
    g_w_dblsbr001 - Blue
    g_w_dblsbr002 - Red
    g_w_dblsbr003 - Green
    g_w_dblsbr004 - Yellow
    g_w_dblsbr005 - Purple
    g_w_dblsbr006 - Bastila's Lightsaber
    g1_w_dblsbr001 - Guardian of the Force
    g1_w_dblsbr002 - Mantle of the Force

    Upgrade items
    g_i_upgrade001 – scope
    g_i_upgrade002 – improved energy cell
    g_i_upgrade003 – beam splitter
    g_i_upgrade004 – hair trigger
    g_i_upgrade005 – armour reinforcement
    g_i_upgrade006 – mesh underlay
    g_i_upgrade007 – vibration cell
    g_i_upgrade008 – durasteel bonding alloy
    g_i_upgrade009 – energy projector

    Long Swords
    g_w_lngswrd01 - Long Sword
    g_w_lngswrd02 - Krath War Blade
    g_w_lngswrd03 - Naga Sadow's Poison Blade

    Short Swords
    g_w_shortswrd01 - Short Sword
    g_w_shortswrd02 - Massassi Brand
    g_w_shortswrd03 - Teta's Blade

    Vibro Swords
    g_w_vbroswrd01 - VibroSword
    g_w_vbroswrd02 - Krath Dire Sword
    g_w_vbroswrd03 - Sith Tremor Sword
    g_w_vbroswrd04 - Echani Foil
    g_w_vbroswrd05 - Bacca's Ceremonial Blade
    g_w_vbroswrd06 - Bacca's Ceremonial Blade
    g_w_vbroswrd07 - Bacca's Ceremonial Blade
    g_w_vbroswrd08 - Bacca's Ceremonial Blade

    Blaster Pistols
    g_w_blstrpstl001 - Blaster Pistol
    g_w_blstrpstl002 - Mandalorian Blaster
    g_w_blstrpstl003 - Arkanian Pistol
    g_w_blstrpstl004 - Zabrak Blaster Pistol
    g_w_blstrpstl005 - Bendak's Blaster
    g_w_blstrpstl006 - Bendak's Blaster
    g_w_blstrpstl007 - Bendak's Blaster
    g_w_blstrpstl008 - Bendak's Blaster
    g_w_blstrpstl009 - Bendak's Blaster
    g_w_blstrpstl010 - Carth's Blaster

    Heavy blasters
    g_w_hvyblstr01 – Heavy blaster
    g_w_hvyblstr02 – Arkainian heavy pistol
    g_w_hvyblstr03 – Zabrak Testal Mark 3
    g_w_hvyblstr04 – Mandalorian Heavy pistol
    g_w_hvyblstr05 – Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol
    g_w_hvyblstr06 – Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol
    g_w_hvyblstr07 – Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol
    g_w_hvyblstr08 – Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol
    g_w_hvyblstr09 – Cassus Fetts Heavy pistol

    Ion Blasters
    g_w_ionblstr01 - Ion Blaster
    g_w_ionblstr02 - Verpine Prototype Ion Blaster

    Disruptor Pistols
    g_w_dsrptpstl001 - Disruptor Pistol
    g_w_dsrptpstl002 - Mandalorian Ripper

    Blaster Carbines
    g_w_blstrcrbn001 - Blaster Carbine
    g_w_blstrcrbn002 - Sith Assault Gun
    g_w_blstrcrbn003 - Cinnagar Carbine
    g_w_blstrcrbn004 - Jurgan Kalta's Carbine
    g_w_blstrcrbn005 - Jamoh Hogra's Carbine
    g_w_blstrcrbn006 - Jamoh Hogra's Carbine

    Ion Rifle
    g_w_ionrfl01 – Ion Rifle
    g_w_ionrfl02 – Bothan Droid disruptor
    g_w_ionrfl03 – Verpine Droid disruptor
    g1_w_ionrfl01 – Baragwin Ion X

    Blaster Rifle
    g_w_blstrrfl001 – Blaster rifle
    g_w_blstrrfl002 – Sith sniper rifle
    g_w_blstrrfl003 – Mandalorian assault rifle
    g_w_blstrrfl004 – Zabrak Battle Cannon
    g_w_blstrrfl005 – Jurgan Kulta Assault rifle
    g_w_blstrrfl006 – Jurgan Kulta Assault rifle
    g_w_blstrrfl007 – Jurgan Kulta Assault rifle
    g_w_blstrrfl008 – Jurgan Kulta Assault rifle
    g_w_blstrrfl009 – Jurgan Kulta Assault rifle

    Disruptor Rifles
    g_w_dsrptrfl001 - Disruptor Rifle
    g_w_dsrptrfl002 - Zabrak Disruptor Rifle
    g1_w_dsrptrfl001 - Baragwin Disruptor-X Weapon

    Repeating Blasters
    g_w_rptnblstr01 - Light Repeating Blaster
    g_w_rptnblstr02 - Medium Repeating Blaster
    g_w_rptnblstr03 - Blaster Cannon
    g1_w_rptnblstr01 - Baragwin ASsault Gun

    Heavy Repeating Blaster
    g_w_hvrptbltr01 - Heavy Repeating Blaster
    g_w_hvrptbltr02 - Mandalorian Heavy Repeater
    g1_w_hvrptbltr - Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster

    g_a_clothes01 - Clothing
    g_a_clothes02 - Clothing Variant 2
    g_a_clothes03 - Clothing Variant 3
    g_a_clothes04 - Clothing Variant 4
    g_a_clothes05 - Clothing Variant 5
    g_a_clothes06 - Clothing Variant 6
    g_a_clothes07 - Clothing Variant 1
    g_a_clothes08 - Clothing Variant 7
    g_a_clothes09 - Clothing Variant 8

    g_a_jedirobe01 - Jedi Robe (Brown)
    g_a_jedirobe02 - Dark Jedi Robe (Grey)
    g_a_jedirobe03 - Jedi Robe (Red)
    g_a_jedirobe04 - Jedi Robe (Blue)
    g_a_jedirobe05 - Dark Jedi Robe (Blue)

    g_a_kghtrobe01 - Jedi Knight Robe (Brown)
    g_a_kghtrobe02 - Dark Jedi Knight Robe (Grey)
    g_a_kghtrobe03 - Jedi Knight Robe (Red)
    g_a_kghtrobe04 - Jedi Knight Robe (Blue)
    g_a_kghtrobe05 - Dark Jedi Knight Robe (Blue)

    g_a_mstrrobe01 - Jedi Master Robe #1 (Brown)
    g_a_mstrrobe02 - Dark Jedi Master Robe (Black)
    g_a_mstrrobe03 - Jedi Master Robe (Red)
    g_a_mstrrobe04 - Jedi Master Robe (Blue)
    g_a_mstrrobe05 - Dark Jedi Master Robe (Blue)
    g_a_mstrrobe06 - Darth Revan's Robes (Dark side only)
    g_a_mstrrobe07 - Star Forge Robes (Light Side Only)
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    Elita Papa Smurf (avatar)
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    g_a_class4001 - Combat Suit
    g_a_class4002 - Zabrak Combat Suit
    g_a_class4003 - Echani Light Armor
    g_a_class4004 - Cinnagar Weave Armor
    g_a_class4005 - Massassi Ceremonial Armor
    g_a_class4006 - Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor
    g_a_class4007 - Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor (Defense 7)
    g_a_class4008 - Darth Bandon's Fiber Armor (Defense 7, Immunity: Mind-Affecting)
    g_a_class4009 - Echani Fiber Armor

    g_a_class5001 - Heavy Combat Suit
    g_a_class5002 - Bonadan Alloy Heavy Suit
    g_a_class5003 - Zabrak Battle Armor
    g_a_class5004 - Zabrak Field Armor
    g_a_class5005 - Reinforced Fiber Armor
    g_a_class5006 - Ulic Qel Droma's Mesh Suit
    g_a_class5007 - Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 6)
    g_a_class5008 - Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 9)
    g_a_class5009 - Eriadu Prototype Armor (Defense 9, 30 sv Cold, Immunity: Mind-Affecting)
    g_a_class5010 - Republic Mod Armor

    g_a_class6001 - Military Suit
    g_a_class6002 - Echani Battle Armor
    g_a_class6003 - Cinnagar War Suit
    g_a_class6004 - Verpine Fiber Mesh
    g_a_class6005 - Arkanian Bond Armor
    g_a_class6006 - Exar Kun's Light Battle Suit
    g_a_class6007 - Davik's War Suit (Defense
    g_a_class6008 - Davik's War Suit (Defense 10)
    g_a_class6009 - Davik's War Suit (Defense 10, 20 vs Cold/Fire, Immunity: Mind-Affecting)

    g_a_class7001 - Light Battle Armor
    g_a_class7002 - Bronzium Light Battle Armor
    g_a_class7003 - Powered Light Battle Armor
    g_a_class7004 - Krath Heavy Armor
    g_a_class7005 - Krath Holy Battle Suit
    g_a_class7006 - Jamoh Hogra's Battle Armor

    g_a_class8001 - Battle Armor
    g_a_class8002 - Powered Battle Armor
    g_a_class8003 - Cinnagar Plate Armor
    g_a_class8004 - Mandalorian Armor
    g_a_class8005 - Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 9, 10 sv vs all)
    g_a_class8006 - Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 12, 25 sv all, Immunity: Critical hits)
    g_a_class8007 - Calo Nord's Armor (Defense 12, 25 sv all, Immunity: Critical hits & Mind Affecting)
    g_a_class8008 - blank
    g_a_class8009 - Verpine Zal Alloy Mesh

    g_a_class9001 - Heavy Battle Armor
    g_a_class9002 - Durasteel Heavy Armor
    g_a_class9003 - Mandalorian Battle Armor
    g_a_class9004 - Mandalorian Heavy Armor
    g_a_class9005 - Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit
    g_a_class9006 - Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit (Defense 13)
    g_a_class9007 - Jurgan Kalta's Power Suit (Defense 13, 30 vs Cold/Fire, Immunity: Mind-affecting)

    GenoHaradan Items:
    geno_armor - GenoHaradan Mesh Armor
    geno_blade - GenoHaradan Poison Blade
    geno_blaster - GenoHaradan Blaster
    geno_datapad - Datapad to access GenoHaradan quest
    geno_gloves - GenHaradan Power Gloves
    geno_stealth - GenoHaradan Stealth Unit
    geno_Visor - GenoHaradan Visor

    g_i_frarmbnds01 - Energy Shield
    g_i_frarmbnds02 - Sith Energy Shield
    g_i_frarmbnds03 - Arkanian Energy Shield
    g_i_frarmbnds04 - Echani Shield
    g_i_frarmbnds05 - Mandalorian Melee Shield
    g_i_frarmbnds06 - Mandalorian Power Shield
    g_i_frarmbnds07 - Echani Dueling Shield
    g_i_frarmbnds08 - Yusanis' Dueling Shield
    g_i_frarmbnds09 - Verpine Prototype Shield

    Droid Items:
    g_i_drdrepeqp001 - Repair Kit
    g_i_drdrepeqp002 - Advanced Repair Kit
    g_i_drdrepeqp003 - Construction Kit

    Droid Armor:
    g_i_drdhvplat001 - Droid Heavy Plating Type 1
    g_i_drdhvplat002 - Droid Heavy Plating Type 2
    g_i_drdhvplat003 - Droid Heavy Plating Type 3
    g_i_drdltplat001 - Droid Light Plating Type 1
    g_i_drdltplat002 - Droid Light Plating Type 2
    g_i_drdltplat003 - Droid Light Plating Type 3
    g_i_drdmdplat001 - Droid Medium Plating Type 1
    g_i_drdmdplat002 - Droid Medium Plating Type 2
    g_i_drdmdplat003 - Droid Medium Plating Type 3
    g1_i_drdhvplat01 - Composite Heavy Plating

    Droid Shields:
    g_i_drdshld001 - Energy Shield Level 1
    g_i_drdshld002 - Energy Shield Level 2
    g_i_drdshld003 - Energy Shield Level 3
    g_i_drdshld005 - Environment Shield Level 1
    g_i_drdshld006 - Environment Shield Level 2
    g_i_drdshld007 - Environment Shield Level 3

    Droid Probes:
    g_i_drdcomspk001 - Computer Probe
    g_i_drdcomspk002 - Universal Computer Interface
    g_i_drdcomspk003 - Advanced Computer Tool
    g_i_drdmtnsen001 - Droid Motion Sensors Type 1
    g_i_drdmtnsen002 - Droid Motion Sensors Type 2
    g_i_drdmtnsen003 - Droid Motion Sensors Type 3
    g_i_drdsecspk001 - Security Interface Tool
    g_i_drdsecspk002 - Security Domination Interface
    g_i_drdsecspk003 - Security Decryption Interface
    g_i_drdsncsen001 - Droid Sonic Sensors Type 1
    g_i_drdsncsen002 - Droid Sonic Sensors Type 2
    g_i_drdsncsen003 - Droid Sonic Sensors Type 3
    g_i_drdsrcscp001 - Droid Search Scope Type 1
    g_i_drdsrcscp002 - Droid Search Scope Type 2
    g_i_drdsrcscp003 - Droid Search Scope Type 3
    g_i_drdtrgcom001 - Basic Targeting Computer
    g_i_drdtrgcom002 - Advanced Targeting Computer
    g_i_drdtrgcom003 - Superior Targeting Computer
    g_i_drdtrgcom004 - Sensor Probe
    g_i_drdtrgcom005 - Verpine Demolitions Probe
    g_i_drdtrgcom006 - Bothan Demolitions Probe
    g1_i_drdcomspk01 - Advanced Droid Interface

    Droid Arm Weapons:
    g_i_drdutldev001 - Stun Ray
    g_i_drdutldev002 - Advanced Stun Ray
    g_i_drdutldev003 - Shield Disruptor
    g_i_drdutldev004 - Advanced Shield Disruptor
    g_i_drdutldev005 - Oil Slick
    g_i_drdutldev006 - Flame Thrower
    g_i_drdutldev007 - Advanced Flame Thrower
    g_i_drdutldev008 - Carbonite Projector
    g_i_drdutldev009 - Carbonite Projector Mark II
    g_i_drdutldev010 - Gravity Generator
    g_i_drdutldev011 - Advanced Gravity Generator
    g1_i_drdshld001 - Baragwin Droid Shield
    g1_i_drdutldev01 - Baragwin Flame Thrower
    g1_i_drdutldev02 - Baragwin Stun Ray
    g1_i_drdutldev03 - Baragwin Shield Disruptor

    g_w_adhsvgren001 - Adhesive Grenade
    g_w_cryobgren001 - CryoBan Grenade
    g_w_firegren001 - Plasma Grenade
    g_w_fraggren01 - Frag Grenade
    g_w_iongren01 - Ion Grenade
    g_w_poisngren01 - Poison Grenade
    g_w_sonicgren01 - Sonic Grenade
    g_w_stungren01 - Concussion Grenade
    g_w_thermldet01 - Thermal Detonator

    Upgrade items:
    g_i_upgrade001 – scope
    g_i_upgrade002 – improved energy cell
    g_i_upgrade003 – beam splitter
    g_i_upgrade004 – hair trigger
    g_i_upgrade005 – armour reinforcement
    g_i_upgrade006 – mesh underlay
    g_i_upgrade007 – vibration cell
    g_i_upgrade008 – durasteel bonding alloy
    g_i_upgrade009 – energy projector
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    Elita Papa Smurf (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: kako se kucaju sifre u igrama

    g_i_adrnaline001 - Adrenal Strength
    g_i_adrnaline002 - Adrenal Alacrity
    g_i_adrnaline003 - Adrenal Stamina
    g_i_adrnaline004 - Hyper-Adrenal Strength
    g_i_adrnaline005 - Hyper-Adrenal Alacrity
    g_i_adrnaline006 - Hyper-Adrenal Stamina

    Medical Items:
    g_i_medeqpmnt01 - Medpac
    g_i_medeqpmnt02 - Advanced Medpac
    g_i_medeqpmnt03 - Life Support Pack
    g_i_medeqpmnt04 - Antidote Kit
    g_i_medeqpmnt05 - Antibiotic Kit
    g_i_medeqpmnt06 - Advanced Medpac
    g_i_medeqpmnt07 - Life Support Pack
    g_i_medeqpmnt08 - Squad Recovery Stim

    g_i_trapkit001 - Minor Flash Mine
    g_i_trapkit002 - Average Flash Mine
    g_i_trapkit003 - Deadly Flash Mine
    g_i_trapkit004 - Minor Frag Mine
    g_i_trapkit005 - Average Frag Mine
    g_i_trapkit006 - Deadly Frag Mine
    g_i_trapkit007 - Minor Plasma Mine
    g_i_trapkit008 - Average Plasma Mine
    g_i_trapkit009 - Deadly Plasma Mine
    g_i_trapkit010 - Minor Gas Mine
    g_i_trapkit011 - Average Gas Mine
    g_i_trapkit012 - Deadly Gas Mine

    Vibro Double-Swords:
    g_w_vbrdblswd01 - Vibro Double-Blade
    g_w_vbrdblswd02 - Sith War Sword
    g_w_vbrdblswd03 - Echani Double-Brand
    g_w_vbrdblswd04 - Yusanis' Brand
    g_w_vbrdblswd05 - Yusanis' Brand
    g_w_vbrdblswd06 - Yusanis' Brand
    g_w_vbrdblswd07 - Yusanis' Brand

    g_w_vbroshort01 - Vibroblade
    g_w_vbroshort02 - Krath Blood Blade
    g_w_vbroshort03 - Echani Vibroblade
    g_w_vbroshort04 - Sanasiki's Blade
    g_w_vbroshort05 - Sanasiki's Blade
    g_w_vbroshort06 - Sanasiki's Blade
    g_w_vbroshort07 - Sanasiki's Blade
    g_w_vbroshort08 - Mission's Vibroblade
    g_w_vbroshort09 - Prototype Vibroblade

    Misc. War Weapons:
    g_w_waraxe001 - Gamorrean BattleAxe
    g_w_warblade001 - Wookie Warblade
    Zavist valja i zaslužiti...

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    Elita Boki (avatar)
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    Svaka cast majstore .
    Људску глупост треба кажњавати најстрожом казном - Јован Дучић

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    Citat Original postavio Boris 1 Pogledaj poruku
    Svaka cast majstore .

    Da moze da igra ko covek...
    Zavist valja i zaslužiti...

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    Podrazumevano Re: Kako se ukucaju sifre u Kotoru

    Problem rjesen.
    Tema ide pod kljuc.
    Људску глупост треба кажњавати најстрожом казном - Јован Дучић

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