Sifre za War Craft III Reign of chaos
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Tema: Sifre za War Craft III Reign of chaos

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    Da li neko zna sifre za War Craft III Reigh of chaos???

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    Cheat List
    To activate a cheat, press ENTER during gameplay. Then enter the cheat into the pop-up window and press ENTER again. The cheats are as follows:
    allyourbasearebelongtous: Instant win

    greedisgood: Get 500 wood and gold

    iseedeadpeople: Full map

    somebodysetusupthebomb: Instant failure

    thereisnospoon: Infinite Mana

    whosyourdaddy: Invincibility, one-hit kills

    motherland (race) (#) - Level select *1

    strengthandhonor: Keep playing after losing in campaign mode *1

    greedisgood (#): # of gold and lumber *1

    keysersoze (#): # of gold *1

    leafittome (#): # of lumber *1

    iocainepowder: Fast death *1

    pointbreak: Build over food limit *1

    whoisjohngalt: Fast research *1

    sharpandshiny: All upgrades *1

    synergy: Tech tree unlocked *1

    riseandshine: Set time to morning *1

    lightsout: Set time to evening *1

    daylightsavings (time): Set time of day *1

    itvexesme: Disable victory conditions *1

    thedudeabides: Fast spell cooldown *1

    daylightsavings: Day/night transitions *2

    warpten: Fast build *3


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