kako vam se svidja ova igra,evo i nekoliko sifri Code- Result
PKWEAPONS- Gives all weapons
PKGOLD Gives a lot of gold
PKKEEPBODIES- Toggles 'bodies will never disappear' on/off
PKKEEPDECALS- Toggles 'decals will never disappear' on/off
PKDEMON- Toggles 'demon morph' on/off
PKWEAKENEMIES -Toggles 'enemies get 1 health point' on/off
PKALWAYSGIB- Toggles 'excessive gibbage' on/off
PKGOD- Toggles 'god mode' on/off
PKHASTE -Toggles 'haste' on/off
PKWEAPONMODIFIER- Toggles 'weapon modifier mode' on/off
WEAPONSPECULAR -Toggles 'weapon specular' on/off. Press 1 and 0 to toggle.
PKPOWER- Gives full ammo and health
PKAMMO -Gives full ammo