Apofis 1: Someone Else Live @ Amnesia - 24.10.08.
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Tema: Apofis 1: Someone Else Live @ Amnesia - 24.10.08.

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    Podrazumevano Apofis 1: Someone Else Live @ Amnesia - 24.10.08.

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    Podrazumevano Re: Apofis 1: Someone Else Live @ Amnesia - 24.10.08.



    Someone Else is Philadelphia's Sean O'Neal, co-founder of the Tuning Spork and Fuzzy Box record labels. He comes from a musical family: His grandfather was a high school music teacher and also played bass with Bill Haley and the Comets, while his father was also in various rock bands throughout the '50s and '60s. In his early youth, Sean lived a cheeseball life performing in choirs and musical plays. He liked to sit with his dad and grandfather watching and listening to Spike Jones, a comical bandleader from the '50s who’d often make music by hitting random objects in the room. In his teenage years, Sean was playing guitar and synths in indie rock bands, while being a huge fan of shoegaze and krautrock.

    Since ‘94, Sean has been the force behind ever-evolving, kitsch-driven electro-pop outfit Flowchart, releasing dozens of albums, singles and EPs on labels such as Darla, Morr Music, Carrot Top and his own Fuzzy Box imprint. In around ’98, O’Neal got hooked on IDM, techno and house, having already fallen in love with artists like The Orb, Plastikman, King Tubby and Matthew Herbert. He became intrigued by Herbert's use of field recordings and found-sounds, which recalled a similar feeling to what he gained from the music of Spike Jones.

    As his love for minimal techno solidified, Sean teamed up with Jay Haze and Bjoern Hartmann, and together they launched the Tuning Spork label. While making dance music with field recordings became more and more his shtick, Sean grew close to Kate Iwanowicz (a.k.a. Miskate) and Sylvain Takerkart (a.k.a. Fusiphorm), and together they launched the foundsound and unfoundsound record labels. Both labels continue to gain increasing recognition while offering a unique facet to the modern-day minimal scene. Throughout the years, Sean also co-produced events in Philadelphia and New York, and spent a lot of time freelance writing for music magazines and newspapers such as xlr8r and Philadelphia City Paper.

    In recent years, Sean's production skills have garnered respect among internationally renowned DJs and labels alike, reflected by his massive discography of releases and remixes for labels like Musik Krause, Tuning Spork, foundsound, Mo's Ferry, Microcosm, Nummer, Kickboxer, Sender, Alphahouse, roman-photo, level non-zero, Mule Musiq, hello? repeat, Revolver and many others. This was accompanied by extensive tours, taking in Russia, Argentina, Europe, Canada, Japan and many American cities.

    O’Neal is also active in Philadephia's deep house, minimal techno and experimental communities, co-organizing various events whose guests have included the likes of Magda, Matthew Dear, Sammy Dee, Geoff White, Jeff Milligan and Dan Bell.


    Hook It Up / I Like Booty (12") Sound Alliance 2002
    Poop Trax Vol. 1 (12") Tuning Spork Records 2003
    Ball Lickin EP (12", EP) Musik Krause 2004
    Goofball EP (File, MP3, EP) Unfoundsound 2004
    Goofball EP (File, FLAC, EP) Unfoundsound 2004
    Ploosh EP (12", EP) Microcosm Music 2004
    Fresh Air (12") Nummer-Schallplatten 2005
    Macrofun 3 (10") Microcosm Music 2005
    Picture Perfect (Remixes) (12") Tora Tora Tora 2005
    Something Else EP (12", EP) Foundsound 2005
    Happiness For Our Time (12") Microcosm Music 2006
    Sleep In Peels (12") Kickboxer 2006
    Tigerbitch (12") alphahouse 2006
    Water In Mexico EP (12", EP) Glückskind Schallplatten 2006
    Witty Little Wawa (12") Roman,Photo 2006
    Bedroom Eyes (12") alphahouse 2007
    Lowdown Brittle EP (12", EP) Foundsound 2007
    Pen Caps And Colored Pencils (2x12", Album) Foundsound 2007
    Pen Caps And Colored Pencils (CD, Album) Foundsound 2007
    Pen Caps Remixed (12") Foundsound 2007
    Pen Caps Remixed (File, MP3) Foundsound 2007

    Appears On:

    The Falcon Has Landed (12") Banged Out (N. Philly ... Hard To Swallow 2001
    Fabric 31 (CD) I Am...You! Fabric (London) 2006
    Fabric 31 (CD, Comp, Mixed, Promo) I Am...You!Fabric (London) 2006

    Tracks Appear On:

    Masters Of The Hardgroove (12") Masters Of The Hardgroove Hard To Swallow 2000
    Tuning Spork 01 (12") Booby
    Tuning Spork Records 2000
    The Falcon Has Landed (12")
    Swallow This Hard To Swallow 2001
    Tuning Spork 02 (12") Orphan Tuning Spork Records 2001
    Tuning Spork 03 (Ltd Edition) (12")
    Gloop Tuning Spork Records 2001
    Vibon CD Compilation (CD) Luv Dub tbtmo 2001
    Izhevsk Underwater News (CD) I Like Booty, Poop Loop Kama Records (Russia) 2003
    Deepmix 2.0 (CD, Ltd, Promo)Julian's Poop Deep Mix Moscow Radio 2004
    Fabric 15 (House Radio Mix) (CD, Promo) Spork In The Road Fabric (London) 200
    The Determined You Can Feel On Every Step (12")
    Untitled Remains 2004
    Antheme 02: Studies In Detailed Design (12")
    Sundial Disfunction
    Nataural Anthemes 2005
    DE9 | Transitions (DVD-V, Comp, Mixed, NTSC + CD, Comp, Mixed) Bedroom Eyes, Bedroom NovaMute 2005
    DE9 | Transitions (DVD + CD) Butterplug, Bedroom Eyes M_nus 2005
    DE9 | Transitions (CD, Mixed, Comp, Promo) Butterplug, Bedroom Eyes NovaMute 2005
    DJ Face Of (CD) Picture Perfect DJ Magazine 2005
    Minimixmas DJ Set (File, MP3, Mix) Generic Atmo Deepindub.org 2005
    Rave On Snow Compilation Vol. 14 (2xCD) Bedroom Eyes Level Non Zero 2005
    Unfoundsound Labelmix (File, MP3) Dink 'N' Strum Zerinnerung 2005
    Unhappy Anniversary (File, MP3, Comp) Generic Atmo Unfoundsound 2005
    Unhappy Anniversary (File, FLAC, Comp) Generic Atmo Unfoundsound 2005
    Clubload - Powered By Technics (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Water In Mexico Polystar Records 2006
    Communication Defines Culture (12") Untitled, Untitled Conversation Records 2006
    DE9 | Combined (2xCD) Butterplug, Bedroom Eyes Third Ear Recordings 006
    DE9 | Transitions (CD) Butterplug, Bedroom Eyes NovaMute 2006
    Immer 2 (CD, Ltd + File, MP3, Album, 320) Ploosh Kompakt, Kompakt 2006
    In The Mix - Play (CD, Comp, Mixed) Fresh Air Cocoon Recordings 2006
    Kiddaz.FM Mix Series 002 : Boy Got Bass (2xCD) Picture Perfect Kiddaz.fm 2006
    Live DJ-Set Netlag 09|07.10.2006 (File, MP3) Goofball Deepindub.org 2006
    Michael Mayer - Immer 2 (CD, Promo) Ploosh Kompakt 2006
    Micromix 85 (File, MP3, 160) Deeeep In Lube Micromix 2006
    Micromix 93 (File, MP3, 192) Water In Mexico (Marek... Micromix 2006
    Micromix 99 (File, MP3, 192) Fresh Air 01, Fresh Ai... Micromix 2006
    No Way Back (CD, Mixed, Comp) Fresh Air Zi-Koo, Lastrum Corporation 2006
    Sub Culture - Electronic Clubtunes Vol.1 (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Water In Mexico (Marek... ZYX Music 2006
    Unfoundsound Labelmix (File, MP3) Dink 'N' Strum Mixotic 2006
    Unhappy Anniversary V.2 (File, MP3, Comp) Soap Putty Unfoundsound 2006
    Unhappy Anniversary V.2 (File, FLAC, Comp) Soap Putty Unfoundsound 2006
    Andrey Kurpatov Mix (CD, Ltd, Dig) Play It Kersaw (Easy C... World Club Music, Algorythmik 2007
    Communication Defines Culture Volume 2 (12") Untitled Conversation Records 2007
    Kiddaz.FM Mix Series 006 : DJ Emerson - Boy Got Bass Vol. 2 (CD, Comp, Mixed) Water In Mexico (Marek... Kiddaz.fm 2007
    Micromix 112 (File, MP3, 192) Lowdown Brittle Micromix 2007
    Minimal Techno (2xCD) Water In Mexico (Marek... ZYX Music 2007
    Netlabel Marathon Weekend Vol.01 (File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Dink 'N' Strum PSW Netlabel 2007
    Netlabelmix W22 (File, MP3, Comp, Mixed) Submarine Love Loopzilla 2007
    Netraver.de MixSeriesVolume2 (2xCD, Comp, Mixed) Water In Mexico (Marek... ZYX Music 2007
    Perlen 5 (CD, Comp, Mixed) Water In Mexico (Marek... Spiel-Zeug Schallplatten 2007
    Réincarnations Vol.3 (File, MP3, 320) Shoop Loop indigo*magenta 2007
    Spinclub (CD, Comp, Promo, Ltd, Car) Lowdown Brittle (Wink'... CLR (2) 2007
    Then Nothing #160 (File, MP3, Comp, Mixed, 320) Generic Atmo PSW Netlabel 2007
    Transitions Vol. 3 (CD + CD-ROM) Lowdown Brittle (Wink'... Renaissance 2007
    Transitions Vol. 3 (CD + CD, Enh) Lowdown Brittle (Wink'... High Note Records 2007
    Transitions, Vol. 3 (CD, Comp, Mixed + CD-ROM) Lowdown Brittle (Wink'... Thrive Records 2007
    Unfoundsoundrecords Label Showcase (File, MP3) The Market Loopzilla 2007
    We Are 31337! (File, MP3, Comp) Submarine Love 31337 Records 2007
    Assignment 3: The Sound Of Archipel (File, MP3, 320) Lip It (Accapella), Li... Archipel 2008
    Assignment 3: The Sound Of Archipel (Pheek Mix) (File, MP3) Lip It Archipel 2008
    Assignment 3: The Sound Of Archipel (Somfay Mix) (File, MP3, Comp, Mixed) Lip It (Beats) Archipel 2008
    Chris Liebing Presents Spinclub Ibiza - Season 2 - The Complete Collection (2xCD, Mixed, Comp + DVD-V, PAL) Lowdown Brittle (Wink'... Spinclub Recordings 2008
    Chupakabra (CD, Ltd, Dig) Peaches & Steam World Club Music, Algorythmik 2008
    Jubilee 1 (File, WAV) Loop1, Loop2, Loop3, L... Produkt Schallplatten 2008
    Martin Eyerer Presents Champions Selection 01 (File, MP3, Comp) Peels Boxer Recordings 2008
    Micromix 142 (File, MP3, Mixed, VBR) Goofball (Jamie Morris... Micromix 2008
    Overview (CD, Comp, Mixed + CD, Comp) Kit's Kaboodle LesIzmo:r 2008
    Philly Time! (File, MP3, Comp, 320) Goofball (Jamie Morris... Unfoundsound 2008
    Philly Time! (File, FLAC, Comp) Goofball (Jamie Morris... Unfoundsound 2008
    Transitions Vol. 3 (CD, Comp, Mixed + CD-ROM) Lowdown Brittle (Wink'... Style Records (Russia) 2008
    Tsugi Sampler 004 (CD, Smplr, Car) Play It Kershaw (Barem... Tsugi Sampler 2008

    Unofficial Releases:
    Nocturne (CDr, Mixed, Ltd) Elevator Muzak Not On Label 2008

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    Buduća legenda Funny! (avatar)
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    Podrazumevano Re: Apofis 1: Someone Else Live @ Amnesia - 24.10.08.

    I ocekujes da ce neko ovo da cita?
    ''All those things that mark you when you're young...they make you what you are.''.

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    Podrazumevano Re: Apofis 1: Someone Else Live @ Amnesia - 24.10.08.

    Treba spomenuti i sledeći događaj koji je u pripremi za 24. oktobar u novosadskom klubu Amnesia. Iskorak u odnosu na standardan klupski događaj napravljen je prvo konceptom i imenom Apofis 1, iza koga stoji cyber legenda o “smaku sveta”, po kojoj je apokalipsa (česta tema u poslednje vreme) u stvari zabluda drevnih proroka koji su mističnu i spektakularnu atmosferu modernih koncerata i žurki mogli protumačiti jedino kao kraj svega što im je tada bilo poznato. Zato AlterNacija planira da uz pomoć posetioca, američko / nemačkog producenta Someone Else-a i ekipe performera, otvori prolaz u svet jednog takvog nestvarnog i mističnog događaja. (Davor Despot, oktobarski Urban Bug, 2008)

    P.S. Bitno je da oni koje zanima, imaju sta da procitaju... Pozz
    Poslednji put ažurirao/la AlterNacija : 07.10.2008. u 17:04

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    Novi Sad
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    Podrazumevano Re: Apofis 1: Someone Else Live @ Amnesia - 24.10.08.

    Sutra je konačno 24. oktobar i AlterNacija žurka u Amneziji. S obzirom da su najavljeni performeri izazvali najviše interesovanja, odlučili smo da vam pružimo mali uron u svet likova bajke Apofis 1!

    Crteži koje vidite dole su upravo skice nekih likova koji će se pojaviti na našoj žurci! Delo su naše koleginice Nataše Vranešević, modnog dizajnera i plesačice, koja će nastupiti sutra u Amneziji, zajedno sa AlterPerformerima.

    A, kako je izgledala ekipa sajber pankera i pobunjenika na HNS žurci prošlog petka, vidi se dole

    Što se tiče klabera, zvezda večeri Someone Else nam je poručio: "Hi! This is Someone Else. And I am stoked to be in Serbia! It's about time!"

    Vidimo se sutra! Yeah!

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