Peticija za očuvanje spomenika WW2
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Tema: Peticija za očuvanje spomenika WW2

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    Podrazumevano Peticija za očuvanje spomenika WW2

    Potpisite peticiju i priključite se borbi za očuvanje podmornice U-534 na adresi:

    The U-534 was the last U-boat to leave War torn Germany in WW2 and was sunk in The Kattegat. She was salvaged in 1993.

    In 1996 she was moved to the Historic Warships Museum in Birkenhead. Visitors experienced conditions and atmosphere onboard. Since the museum's closure, her fate has been in question. Now positive plans to move her come at a cost. She will be carved into sections!

    There are only two of these historic boats left in the world. She is a magnificent boat, her mere size leaves you in awe. Since 1942 she has fought for her survival and it now lies in our hands!

    During WW2, U-boats had a strangle hold around Britain. She represents an important part of our history. This boat is the only one of her kind in the whole of Europe. We need to fight for her conservation, so future generations can appreciate her historical value.

    She should be preserved as a whole, in remembrance of all the men of every nation that served and died at sea, during the Battle of the Atlantic.

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    Za,za tako stogod uvek za,samo oce li imati sluha ovi sto odlucuju o tome.

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