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    Thumbs up Serbian sitcom!!!


    Something rely good go in TV show (

    In 2007 couple of students from Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (Uroš Tomić, Pavle Vučković) made a pilot for television sitcom named "Mladići"[11](international title is "Room-mates" since the title is play of words). It's about two young men (young men is "mladići" on Serbian) who need to move out of their parents house so their grandmother (Ratko Mladić's made-up-for-tv high school sweetheart) offers them her apartment if they agree to hide war criminal Ratko Mladić (played by Aleksandar Hrnjakovic) who is running away from his International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia trial. Even though the episode is based on almost pure fiction and fabricated truth, neither TV station in Serbia (including B92 and Radio Television of Serbia) wanted to pick this show up, and the reason was anything from "expensive production" (which is not true) to "theme that would make viewers angry" (and that could be true at some point, but South Park does it all the time and it re-invented modern television in that kind of way).


    Pilot episode for Serbian sitcom!!! Grandmother gives an apartment to her two grandsons, if they agree to hide war criminal Ratko Mladic who is running away from his Hague Tribunal trial.

    Directed by Uros Tomic
    Cinematography by Aleksandar Mijalilovic
    Animation & Music by LoOney
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  1. Serbian sitcom!!!
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