M0D_S0BEIT_SA_3.54_SA_MP 0.2.1 (provereno radi)

Velicina: 2.45 mb


Procitajte prilozeno uputstvo za instalaciju i nebi terbalo da ima ikakvih problema.

Version 3.54 (REALfreaky's Edit)
New stuff:
Support for tires
Some support for trailers
Added mini-map support for single player (and MTA).
Added a new category for the Vehicles menu: Trailers

Changed stuff:
Reduced the default hp_minimum to 0.0. This should prevent you from getting banned by the new v0.2 anti vehicle HP cheat scripts.

Fixed the SA-MP v0.2 crash, but some features will be disabled until the new addresses are found.
Fixed spelling error: Break -> Brake
Fixed several vehicles being in the wrong category.

Copy d3d9.dll, samp.dll, some_samp.dll, anticheat.dll, s0beit_hack.ini, s0beit_hack_a3v5.raw, and optionally s0beit_hack_safe_haven.ini to your GTA San Andreas directory. The samp.dll.bak is provided if you want uninstall and to restore the original samp.dll.
Edit s0beit_hack.ini to please your needs.
Start SA:MP!

To Uninstall:
Open up your GTA San Andreas folder. (Usually found at: C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\)
Delete the d3d9.dll.
Delete the cracked samp.dll.
Rename the samp.dll.bak file to samp.dll.
NOTE: If you cannot find the samp.dll.bak file, it is included in the ZIP file with your download of m0d_s0beit.

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