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    deinstalirao sam nokia pc suite 6, i naravno u programima ga nema ali ima nekih delova u program files. kako to efikasno ukloniti.

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    Pokusaj da nadjes odgovor ovde !

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    Pokusaj da odradis to ovako !

    Thank you for contacting the Club Nokia Careline.

    With regard to your query about being unable to reinstall PC Suite,
    please follow these instructions to ensure that PC Suite is completely
    removed from your PC. Please read this email carefully before proceeding
    and do not delete any files other than those noted below.

    1) Before deleting any files manually, you should ensure that you have
    removed the PC Suite using Add/Remove Programs within the Control

    2) You should now kill the following processes within the processes tab
    of Task Manager.
    · DATALA~1.EXE( or DataLayer.exe);
    · SERVIC~1.EXE (or ServiceLayer.exe)

    Note: To open Task Manager, right-click on the task bar and select Task

    3) Open Windows Explorer and delete the following folders if present:

    i) C:\program files\common files\nokia
    ii) C:\program files\nokia\nokia pc suite

    4) Additionally, if your PC runs NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP you
    should delete c:\documents and settings\<your username>\phone browser.
    If your PC runs an older operating system you should delete c:\my
    documents\phone browser.
    5) If you receive any messages relating to files being in use please
    take a note of the filenames and see Note 1 below before continuing.
    6) Next, download and run Nokia Register Clean 3  you will find this
    file at®=3&adv=false&qt=clean
    7) Now reboot your PC  PC Suite should be completely removed.

    In the event that PC Suite has not been removed, please empty your temp
    directory. This can be done by going to c:\windows\temp for Windows XP
    and c:\winnt\temp for Windows 2000. You can select all the files in
    here by holding down CTRL + A. The files can then be deleted by holding
    down shift then delete. Once the temp directory has been emptied reboot
    your PC, you should be able to install the latest version of PC Suite.

    Note 1:
    Where files cannot be deleted because they are in use follow these
    instructions to remove them individually before proceeding to step 5:

    1) Open the folder that contains the files and delete all files that
    can be deleted.
    2) Rename each file that remains by right-clicking on it and selecting
    Rename from the menu.
    3) Empty the recycle bin and restart the PC.
    When the PC has been restarted you should be able to delete the
    remaining files.

    Note 2
    If you find that these steps have not removed Nokia PC Suite it is
    possible that your registry has become corrupted in some way. This can be
    easily resolved using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility available
    from Microsoft. If you wish to use this utility please visit:;en-us;290301. Please
    note that Nokia does not make this application and we are referring you
    to this site as it would appear that the problem is no longer with
    Nokia PC Suite but with the installation of Windows you are currently

    Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any further

    Yours sincerely

    Nokia Service Professional
    UK & Ireland Team
    Nokia Careline

    [THREAD ID:1-12M65S] This response has been given based on the
    information you have provided us. The response is provided for general
    information purposes only. It is intended, but not promised or guaranteed to
    be accurate or complete, and it does not constitute any binding

    To ensure proper handling, please continue to use the current subject

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    NIsta njie cudno. SVAKI program koji se deinstalira ostavi neke svoje gluposti da se ne izrazim druracije

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